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Bridge Supplies

Bridge Supplies

Boards; metal and plastic, Cards; paper and plastic, Bridgemates, Dealing machines, paper supplies, card tables, & computer accessories.

Do you ever wonder where all the supplies go when a director retires or a club disbands???? Odds are, itís in my garage! Now it time for me to retire. (And my wife wants her half of the garage back).


text: 661-886-1940

July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Agile Bridge Club 10:00am
July 2, 2024
Open Pairs
Joshua Tree Bridge Club 12:30pm
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BBO - Alerting
BBO - Alerting

Alert before you call.

A close up of a keyboard Description automatically generated

Notice the ALERT button at the bottom of the bidding box.
If your next bid is alertable, press this button FIRST.
Type in the description of your bid. The name of the
convention is not a description of the bid.
i.e. MICHAELS is not a description, rather '5-5 in majors'.
Now enter your call.
Descriptions like 'Preempt' 'Limit Raise' 'Transfer' are
usually adequite and should not be questioned.
Alerts that are usually delayed because the auction is higher
than 3NT should still be alerted at the time they are made.
Hint: when you alert a call, a box with the alert will appear
in the upper right corner of the play table. If you made
the alert, close this box immediately by clicking the top
white bar of the alert box. If you don't, the box persists
and blocks additional questions from your opponets and
blocks the cards in that player's hand.

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