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June 5, 2023
Open Pairs
Agile Bridge Club 10:00am
June 5, 2023
Open Pairs (NLM on demand)
Long Beach Bridge Center 12:30pm
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October Swiss Pairs
October Swiss Pairs

On your Calendar?


Gold points at the club in October



October is club appreciation Month throughout ACBL. Clubs are allowed to run special Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Game for more points, but not more money. Clubs can also run additional team games that award 5% Gold points.


Due to a quirk in ACBLscor and the ACBL Masterpoint rules, pair games run with a Swiss movement also qualify for the 5% Gold. Thus SWISS PAIRS.


SWISS PAIRS is a pair game with a Swiss movement. Pairs play four or five matches. Points are awarded for each match won. New matches are assigned by record just like Swiss teams; winners play winners, losers play pairs of comparable records.


While SWISS PAIRS can be run using ACBLscor, it is quite difficult and very different from other events. I use software from Europe and then manually enter results into ACBLscor, works fine.


Want to run Swiss Pairs at one of your Club appreciation games this October?

Contact David White

email to:

or text to: 661-886-1940


P.S. I have all the hardware and love to drive, I am willing to drive anywhere west of Denver to help you run this game. (Well, maybe not Saskatoon.)