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Bridge Supplies

Bridge Supplies

Boards; metal and plastic, Cards; paper and plastic, Bridgemates, Dealing machines, paper supplies, card tables, & computer accessories.

Do you ever wonder where all the supplies go when a director retires or a club disbands???? Odds are, itís in my garage! Now it time for me to retire. (And my wife wants her half of the garage back).


text: 661-886-1940

May 14, 2024
Open Pairs
Agile Bridge Club 10:00am
May 14, 2024
Open Pairs
Joshua Tree Bridge Club 12:30pm
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Cecil Cook

Former ACBL President Cecil Cook died May 27. Cook, a Diamond Life Master who lived in Long Beach CA, was 85.

Actively involved in bridge governance for decades, Cook was elected president of the League in 1995 as the Board member representing District 23 (the Los Angeles area). He served two three-year terms on the Board from 1992–1997. Cook also served on the boards of District 23 and Unit 562 (West Los Angeles). Cook was a member of the World Bridge Federation board and of the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame Committee for many years.

More at ACBL.ORG

2016 Teacher of the Year


Many teachers lend their expertise to help students learn the game and take pride in their accomplishments. Along the way many area locations expand their bridge populations.

Beginning in 2010 with Tina Radding, from Charleston South Carolina, through August 2015, when Jeff Schuett, from Riverwood, IL, was awarded Teacher of the Year, the ABTA, in conjunction with Master Point Press, recognizes outstanding teachers. We’d like to learn more about teachers, who go the extra mile to create a wonderful atmosphere in their classrooms.

Previously nominated teaching professionals earned comments from their students such as: “undeniably superb, thinks outside the box, positive, patient, and devoted, will go in any direction that the students ask him, great depth of knowledge, and responsible for building my self confidence.”

Please review the criteria and complete a nomination form, available on one of the following sites:, or  Enter your teacher now into competition for the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award. The winner receives an engraved crystal plaque plus a cash subsidy. The finalists and overall winner will be announced at the ABTA Annual Conference, in Washington, D.C., July 19 to July 22, 2016. Yes, previous nominees who did not win are welcome to re-apply.

2015-2016 Committee members are:  Larry Cohen (Boca Raton, FL), Nancy Abbott (Middleburg, VA), Linda Lee (Toronto, Ont), Mary Jane Orock (Fort Worth, TX), Tina Radding (Charleston, SC), Barbara Seagram (Toronto, Ont), Kathie Walsh, (Hilton Head, SC) and Joyce Penn (Columbus, OH) Chairman,  

Questions may be directed, by email, to Joyce at: The deadline for all nominations and submissions is March 15, 2016

Submitted by Joyce Penn

American Bridge Teachers Association

The Longest Day 2015

Rand Pinsky, District Director, awards ACBL National Charity Foundation membership to Terry Morton and Bill Morton, owners of the 750 Club for raising over $4500 for the ACBL program "The Longest Day".

Andy Memorial
Andy Memorial