Release 2.19p
Welcome to ACBL Live for Clubs - Bridgewebs Link
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ACBL@Live for Clubs sits under the ACBL@Live umbrella. It has the same look and feel as tournament results but is customized for club games. 

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Further Information about the ACBL@Live - Bridgewebs Link

If you are using the ACBL@Live service for uploading Game files to the ACBL, you can use the Bridgewebs link to transfer these results directly to Bridgewebs without the need to upload again.


  1. Your web site will need to be running with the latest Bridgewebs Release 2.19n to use this feature.
  2. You will also need to "Turn On" "Bridgewebs Auto-Sharing" on your ACBL@Live account.
Initial Setup


After you have signed up to ACBL@Live

  • Select "Manage Live for Club Results"
  • Click "Third Party Sharing"
  • Tick the box next to "Bridgewebs"
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "Continue"


First (and once only)

  • Login in to Web Administration
  • Select [Settings]
  • Select [Site Details] Tab
  • Ensure the "Bridge Affiliation" Country is "ACBL - American"
  • Enter your ACBL Club Number 
  • Ignore the password, Bridgewebs has developed an interface to ACBL@Live and been given a master password to obtain results.


If you upload results to your web site with different ACBL Affiliation numbers, you can specify multiple Number separated by ; e.g. 123456;987654

Transfer Results

Then, each time, following your upload to ACBL@Live:

  • Go to "Results Administration"
  • Use [ACBL@Live] Tab
  • Choose [Transfer] for any results you have uploaded to ACBL@Live, but not yet uploaded to your Bridgewebs web site.
  • Then proceed as if you had uploaded from your PC.


Automatic Transfer from ACBL to Bridgewebs Server.

Bridgewebs checks for new results for all clubs at ACBL@Live every 5 minutes. If the latest upload does not appear on the [ACBL@Live] Tab, use [Check ACBL@Live] to immediately check and transfer the latest files available.

Fully Automatic Transfer to your Web Site.

If you would like to transfer results and update your web site fully automaticallywhen received by Bridgewebs, use  [Switch to Fully Automatic]. This means results should normally be automatically available for your members to view on your Bridgewebs web site within 5 minutes of uploading to ACBL@Live. This will ONLY post results in the future, any already transferred will need to be manually confirmed. You can check in the [ACBL@Live] Tab as any such results will show as "Processed Auto".

You can turn this off with [Switch to Manually Confirm].



Results on this site have been uploaded as an example of using the ACBL@Live feature

Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Martha Wirkutis
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Terry Holden