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Board Minutes
  Board Minutes: Feb 9, 2022



February 9, 2022

President David Friedrichs called the meeting to order at 11:02 a.m. Members present were David, Dee, Carleen, Bill, Dion and Jean; joining by phone were Lois and Kathy. Absent: Adele.

President’s report: the mortgage has been refinanced, reducing our monthly payments substantially. The table count remains steady, so the Club is in good financial shape again.

Dion moved that the minutes of the December 8, 2021 meeting be accepted as submitted; Dee seconded. Passed unanimously.

Club Manager’s report: Dee had no report.

Treasurer’s report: Carleen distributed a report comparing account balances at the time of the last three board meetings: Aug. 18 and Dec. 8, 2021 as well as today. Her report also showed our monthly fixed expenses for the mortgage, insurance, utilities and maintenance, totaling $1466.75. Variable expenses include supplies, ACBL table fees and directors’ fees. We need 52 tables per month to meet fixed expenses; for the last five months table counts have ranged between 71 (December) and 94.5 (January). While we had substantial losses in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, we are now on a stable financial footing.

53 members have paid their dues for 2022. The Club has received additional donations totaling $598.00.

Dion moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; Dee seconded. Passed unanimously.

Maintenance: David asked if there were any maintenance issues. Both front heaters are not working, only the one in back. He will see about getting them repaired. Jean asked about a first aid kit. Dee said we used to have one at the front desk, she will see if it is still there and replace it if needed. Dion asked about the wireless internet connection. Dee will see if it needs to be reset.

Playmor: The Club’s newsletter has been superseded by the new website The website is being visited; Dion reported he has gotten responses when he posts that he needs a partner. We will not post game results since ACBL Live for Clubs does that and alerts players when results are available.

Birthday parties: Lois asked when the Club will begin providing birthday cakes again. It was decided to hold off until we allow eating at the Club. That will be the end of March.

Special games: The Club is holding team games on the third Sunday of each month. January’s game drew five tables and everyone earned points. A discussion of the starting time followed. Dee moved that the Sunday game time be moved to 12:30. Dion seconded; passed unanimously.

Dion asked about perhaps holding a Tuesday game for novices sometime in the future. Bill stated that the Club has sanctions for two games on Tuesdays, a novice game and an open game.

Old business: David suggested that the Club’s annual membership game be held April 6. At the meeting we will elect new Board members. Nominations should be submitted two weeks beforehand.

David has had some posters printed to advertise the Club’s games and lessons. Members are encouraged to distribute posters around town. Assisted living communities, churches, gyms, hospitals and various locations around the UL campus are possibilities. It was agreed that someone will need to keep track of where the posters have been displayed to avoid duplication. Dion has placed ads in the Advertiser and the Vermilion (UL student newspaper), and he has been contacted by the Honors Program about starting a bridge club on campus. The ACBL Education Fund will reimburse the Club for some of our expenses.

There being no further business, Jean moved that the meeting be adjourned. Dion seconded; passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 12:03p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Kiesel, Secretary

  Board Minutes: Dec 8, 2021

President David Friedrichs called the meeting to order at 2:40 p.m. Members present: David, Dee, Carleen, Dion, Jean and Millie; Bill joined by phone. Absent: Adele and Lois. Observers: Wayne Colvin, Unit President, and Jana.

Dion moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as submitted, Millie seconded; passed unanimously.

Dee had nothing to report.

Carleen submitted the treasurer’s report. The current balance in the checking account is $4515.27, down about $335 from mid-August. Balance in the money market account is $14,514. Balance owed on the mortgage is $15,405. We continue to lose money every month as our table count has fallen off drastically since the covid shutdown. We need to average eight tables a day four times a week in order to meet expenses.

David has talked to the bank about refinancing our mortgage. That can reduce our monthly payments by more than $750 but still will not balance the budget. After lengthy discussion the board voted to increase playing fees to $7 and membership dues to $25 beginning in January 2022. These fees have not been raised for nine years.

In other business, David proposed having posters made to publicize the bridge club, and posting them around town to attract new members. The posters should list game times as well as contact information for teachers. Specific information about lessons can be added as needed. Jean will work with her daughter, an artist, to create a prototype. Dion wants to offer intermediate lessons and Jean and Dee will look into offering beginner lessons, coordinating with Bonnie.

Lois had asked about birthday celebrations and volunteered to continue getting cakes each month. The board agreed this needs to be done.

Jean moved that the club hold a party in January to honor our former directors, Bonnie, Phyllis and Jean Cook. Millie seconded and it passed unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Jean Kiesel


  Board Minutes: June 9, 2021

Board President David Friedrichs called the membership meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Dion Dubois moved that the bylaws be changed as of 2011 to allow voting by written ballot and by email. Seconded by Jana Ahneman. Passed. Dion then moved that the minutes be amended to state that a board member cannot be a member of the board of another club. Seconded by Jana. Passed.

The meeting was recessed for the game at 12:40.

The meeting of the board was reconvened after the game. Present: Adele Blue, Dion Dubois, David Friedrichs, Jean Kiesel, and Carleen Sandoz, and Dee Daigle, Manager. Absent: Lois Boagni, Millie Ortego, and Kathy Young. One seat vacant.

The board elected officers for the coming year. President: David, Vice President: Adele, Treasurer: Carleen, and Secretary: Jean.

Karen Jennings has resigned from the board. Dee nominated Bill Freeman to fill the position, seconded by Jean. There were no other nominations, and Bill was elected.

The results of the election for board members are as follows: elected to three-year terms were Carleen, Millie and Jean. Elected to two-year terms were Dion, Lois and Kathy.

Dion reported on the survey results received thus far. The majority of responses favored games starting at 10:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12:30 on Saturday. Only 6 of 20 responses were interested in Tuesday evening games. Dion moved that games start at 10:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning July 1. Carleen seconded. Passed.

David reported that Barbara Bernhard has offered to provide pizzas for lunch on Fridays to encourage attendance. The board voted to accept her offer, beginning July 2.

Bill raised the question of scheduling tournaments well in advance to get the dates we want. The club will not hold any tournaments in 2021, but will have a 499er tournament in October 2022. Jean will chair the committee and Bill will direct. The club will not hold an open tournament unless it includes a Gold Rush tournament.

David mentioned that if we average 4 tables a game 4 times a week the club will break even. Thus there is room in the budget to offer incentives to attract more novice players. Jean moved and Dion seconded that novices receive a free play for every 5th game. Passed. Dion will design a card to record games, and directors will date and initial each game.

Dion has created a Facebook page for the club.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00.

Jean Kiesel, Secretary

  ADBC Board Minutes May 18, 2022

President David Friedrichs called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. Members present were David, Dee, Carleen, Mary, Kathy, Millie, Dion, and Jean. Lois joined by phone. Absent: Adele.

Dion moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as submitted. Seconded by Lois and passed unanimously.

The main business before the board was a proposal by Bonnie Angers to hold a social bridge game once a month at the club. Before covid she had been part of a group that met once a month at the Petroleum Club for dinner and bridge. That venue has become too expensive and the size of the group has diminished. She would like to invite them to play at our club along with her beginner students. After much discussion regarding liability issues, fees, and masterpoint limits, Dion moved that the club hold a social bridge game on the fourth Sunday of each month beginning in June. Players must join the club and pay the $25 membership fee but their first game is free. They will also pay a $7 table fee. Kathy seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Dion then moved that the club hold a game for players with 0-49 masterpoints as a second section on Saturdays beginning in June. Millie seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

David suggested that the club manager meet with the game directors to adjust games rather than have the entire board discuss these issues. The directors present agreed to do so.

Melinda Voorhies, a new member of the club who was observing the meeting offered to donate seed money to buy memberships for new players who find the $25 dues a financial hardship. She will meet with Carleen to make arrangements.

David reported that some club members have asked to have one afternoon game a week. The board discussed the possibilities but decided to keep game times as they are.

Mary asked about a 499er game. Millie reminded her that the Thursday game used to be for 499ers and it was difficult to get enough players for a game. The Mentor/Mentee game is much more successful. 499ers can get help finding a mentor if they need one. Dion offered to poll the 499ers to see how much interest there was in a limited game.

Kathy moved that the meeting adjourned. Jean seconded and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 3:15.

  Board Minutes-November 18,2022

President David Friedrichs called the meeting to order at 2:23. Members present were David, Dee, Carleen, Millie, Kathy and Jean. Lois joined by phone. Absent were Dion and Adele.

Kathy moved to accept the minutes of the last meeting as submitted. Passed unanimously.

Club Manager's report: Dee reported that there were big games with extra points throughout this month. Others are scheduled for December.

Bonnie Angers joined the meeting as we discussed how to increase participation in the social bridge games she runs once a month. The $25 membership fee is necessary for players to be members for insurance purposes. It was agreed that any memberships sold now will extend through 2023. We also discussed decreasing the table fee since we do not pay the ACBL fee and we want to encourage participation. Carleen pointed out that the club hardly makes a profit on these games now. Bonnie also suggested allowing foursomes who want to practice among themselves to do so apart from the regular game. Jean moved and Millie seconded that the table fee be reduced to $5, and the club provide some small snacks to support the social aspect of the game. We will also allow separate tables. Motion passed, with the stipulation that the board will revisit the subject in March.

Treasurer's report: Carleen reported that the club has a balance of $9005.66 in checking and $13,520.99 in the money market account. However, our insurance premium is due the first of the year. Our table count is under 100 per month. While we are operating in the black our margin is small.

Kathy reported that she is leaving the Unit board, being term limited from serving again. Also, with the Alexandria club closing there may be more seats opening up. Anyone interested in serving please let her know.

Lois suggested that we invite Alexandria players to come to our games. Dee has already spoken to Susan Menache about it, but will ask for their membership list so she can contact them directly.

Lois asked about birthday cakes, and asked anyone who wants to bring a cake to contact her.

The Christmas party is scheduled for Wednesday December 14. Kathy will coordinate. We need volunteers to set up, decorate, and clean up after. She will put out a sign-up sheet for food. Cash donations can be made to Kathy.

Sunday team games will start again in January. Saturday games may begin again after the holidays if there is enough interest.

We will have a Thanksgiving party Wednesday November 23, with sandwiches and soup. Meeting adjourned at 3:32.

Respectfully submitted, Jean Kiesel, Secretary

  Board Minutes: April 6, 2022



April 6, 2022

President David Friedrichs called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. Members present were David, Dee, Kathy, Millie, Dion and Jean. Absent: Adele, Lois and Carleen.

President’s report: There were no nominations for new Board members. David and Adele agreed to continue to serve. Millie nominated Mary Hooper to fill the vacant seat and Dee seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Dee will contact her.

Treasurer’s report: The checking account has a balance of $6119.75. Table count for January was 94.5, February 110 and March 101. David added that repairs to the HVAC systems were $800.

Club Manager’s report: The Club will celebrate Ben Bowie’s 100th birthday with a party Wednesday April 13. David is grilling burgers and onions; others are bringing chips, potato salad, desserts, and a cake.

Dee raised the issue of non-members playing in our games. After some discussion of practices at other clubs, Dion moved that the Club charge $1 per game for non-members beginning May 1. Kathy seconded. Motion carried.

There being no further business, Dion moved we adjourn. Dee seconded. Motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.