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4950 West Congress St.

Lafayette, LA  70508


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Beginning January 1, 2022, Game Fees will increase to $7.00 and Membership Fee to $25.00

Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKinney Awards

The Mini-McKenney medallions are given to the players in each Unit, one per ranking level, who earn the most total master points during the previous year. All "pigmented" points are counted: black, red, silver, gold, platinum, but not points won in on-line games - these are "colorless" or "unpigmented."  Congratulations to the following in the Mini-McKenney Race: Karen Jennings (181.63), Kathy Young (136.92), Mary Hooper (109.13), Ann Jennings (65.52) and Phern Stagg (62.52).  In the Online Race Competition, congratulations to Dianne Walters (435.43)


Last updated : Jan 12, 2022 09:30 CST
Eight Is Enough Swiss Teams
Eight Is Enough Swiss Teams

On Sunday, February  20th @ 12:00 (Noon), we will have an Eight Is Enough - Swiss Teams at the club.  We had 5 teams last month, everyone got masterpoints.  The sign-up list is on the Director's Table at the Club.  With the Eight is Enough format, the total of the team members' points can not be more than 8 pts:  1 pt for members with <500; 2 points for members with for 501-1500; and 3 points for for members with 1500+.  Thus, the teams will all have a fair chance.  If you need help forming a team, any Board Member or Director will be delighted to assist you or you can use our new email:

Last updated : Jan 18, 2022 09:56 CST