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NEW Supervised Play Sessions Weekly

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Harford Community Centre

Hall Road Norwich NR4 6ET

Directed by Mary Derbyshire

7 PM  -  9 PM

please be seated in good time

about 5-10 mins before

Supervised Play Sessions


all our students and their partners/friends.

Gain confidence 

Expert Bridge Help

always close at hand


     Weekly      Weekly      Weekly      




Large car free  park behind centre at ASDA
Tea & Coffee


Get your friends playing Bridge in 2019

Get your friends playing Bridge in 2019

A Very Happy New Year to all our students, Past and Present and Future Norwich Bridge School Players,

Please encourage all of your non Bridge playing friends to give Bridge a go in 2019

There will be a new clasess running starting in mid January. They are aimed at those new to Bridge. Suzanne(An English Bridge Union teacher with the highest Professional qualification)  will lead you through the first steps in Bridge - the greatest of all games. Make new friends and have fun whilst learning an absorbing new skill.

Absolute beginners please phone or email Suzanne: 01603783465 :

Matt's Workshops Spring 2019

Matt's Workshops Spring 2019

Learn and Play with the Expert

The Harford Community Centre Hall Road Norwich NR4 6ET

9:15am to 12:15pm.

Cost either £27 each or £150 for six . Tea and coffee provided.

email: to book and pay


Topics for Spring 2019Workshops

Handling Weak Trump Suits

  • Playing 4-3 and 5-2 fits
  • Managing trumps and bad breaks
  • Countering forcing defences

Slam Bidding Part 1

  • Assessing likelihood of slams
  • Losing Trick Count plus adjustments
  • Quantitative raises, RKCB and Exclusion Blackwood

Slam Bidding Part 2

  • Jacoby 2NT and fourth suit slam tries
  • Splinters
  • Cue bids

Defence to high level contracts (slams)

  • Opening leads
  • When to signal (and when not to!)
  • Discarding correctly to avoid being pseudo-squeezed

What to do when they bid over our 1NT

  • Weak escapes
  • Lebensohl
  • Doubling and balancing

Playing partscores at pairs

  • Assessing what is a good score to aim for
  • Taking risks or playing safe
  • Playing for maximum equity