Norwich Bridge School

Matt's Workshops Spring 2019

Matt's Workshops Spring 2019

Learn and Play with the Expert

The Harford Community Centre Hall Road Norwich NR4 6ET

9:15am to 12:15pm.

Cost either £27 each or £150 for six . Tea and coffee provided.

email: to book and pay


Topics for Spring 2019Workshops

Handling Weak Trump Suits

  • Playing 4-3 and 5-2 fits
  • Managing trumps and bad breaks
  • Countering forcing defences

Slam Bidding Part 1

  • Assessing likelihood of slams
  • Losing Trick Count plus adjustments
  • Quantitative raises, RKCB and Exclusion Blackwood

Slam Bidding Part 2

  • Jacoby 2NT and fourth suit slam tries
  • Splinters
  • Cue bids

Defence to high level contracts (slams)

  • Opening leads
  • When to signal (and when not to!)
  • Discarding correctly to avoid being pseudo-squeezed

What to do when they bid over our 1NT

  • Weak escapes
  • Lebensohl
  • Doubling and balancing

Playing partscores at pairs

  • Assessing what is a good score to aim for
  • Taking risks or playing safe
  • Playing for maximum equity