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Get your friends playing Bridge in 2023

Get your friends playing Bridge in 2023

 Past and Present and Future Norwich Bridge School Players,

Please encourage all of your non Bridge playing friends to give Bridge a go in 2023

Playing online is just as much fun  in a different way

There will be a new clasess running starting in mid January They are aimed at those new to Bridge. Suzanne(An English Bridge Union teacher with the highest Professional qualification)  will lead you through the first steps in Bridge - the greatest of all games. Make new friends and have fun whilst learning an absorbing new skill.

Absolute beginners please phone or email Suzanne: 07825705526 :

      Online Pairs Competition      


 Come and play in our Online Bridge pairs competition for students and social bridge players  

Norwich Bridge School has set  up a gentle duplicate bridge competition online  on BBO

This will be a weekly fixture

I expect that you are all probably missing face to face competition with your friends and this is a way of keeping in touch and brushing up your bridge. 

Supervised Play will start at 7pm Monday's weekly

To take part you will need to register on BBO (its free)
Then send me your BBO username,email and phone number so that we have a tourney list
If you copy and paste the link this  u-tube video  will walk you through how to set up on BBO

Log in to BBO
Click on Competitive Tournaments
Next click on All Tournaments
Under the pending list find
vebu495885 Norwich Bridge School Gentle duplicate(Monday 's 7pm)

Click to enter and follow instructions. You will need to have BBO $ in your account. Cost  to play is  $4
If you don’t have a partner you can play with a robot for 25 cents or register at the partnership desk
How to buy BBO $.
This page allows you to buy BBO dollars. They are needed to pay entry fees for pay tournaments on the site.

If you wish to play games for the Norwich Bridge School that issue masterpoints, you will need BB$ to pay the entry fee. purchase/pay.php

See you there! 


Privacy Policy

Data Protection Privacy Notice for Norwich Bridge School 

A new General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) is being introduced by the EU on 25th May 2018 which provides a set of data protection laws across the EU.  Norwich Bridge School collects personal data from members and visitors, such as telephone numbers, email addresses, EBU numbers, etc in order to supply the EBU, Bridgewebs, ScoreBridge and similar bridge-related organisations with the information they need to carry out their activities.

For your information a Data Protection Privacy Notice has been prepared and can be viewed in the left-hand menu on this page under Privacy Policy

Welcome to Learn & Play Bridge
Welcome to learn and Play Bridge with the Norwich Bridge School


 Bridge is a game played and enjoyed around the world by in excess of 200 million people both socially, and competitively up to international level. It is a fun friendly and stimulating card game and also quite addictive.

A warm welcome awaits all thosewho want to become part of the 'Bridge Family'

Bridge is also a complex game which needs to be learnt and lends itself well to either class or individual tuition with the Norwich Bridge School offering both. From the outset especially in a class situation it is very enjoyable and you easily find yourself making new friends….’bridge friends’. Our Beginners’ Classes are for absolute beginners although they don’t preclude those wishing to come back to the game after a long absence. It is however always helpful if you have played other card games including whist this is not a pre-requisite as we teach all forms of card play in the lessons. The course starts at the very beginning and leads you on a journey of accomplishment.


The structure of the first year’s tuition is 36, 2 hour weekly sessions split into 3 terms. Each session will consist of structured teaching and playing the cards to reinforce the lesson points. The Beginner’s Course will cover topics which will enable you to play socially after one year and subsequently to progress into Improvers and Advanced Classes. This further tuition helps you to play at a local club and in the Norwich Bridge School Supervised Play sessions.

The Year 1 topics covered are

  • Playing the cards in Trumps or No Trumps
  • Opening the Bidding at the 1 level in a suit or No Trumps and the follow on responses
  • Bidding with weak, intermediate and strong hands
  • Playing the initial lead, signals and discards made by partner
  • Defence of a contract
  • Competitive bidding with doubles and overcalls
  • The conventional Stayman bidding over 1NT and 2NT
  • Opening the bidding at the 2 level…strong
  • Slam bidding using Blackwood and cues
  • Pre- Emptive openers

At the end of Year 1 you should be familiar and able to play all these topics at a basic level.


The Improvers course is consolidating, and extending the basic principles covered in Beginners. It is both taught and play sessions giving you the confidence to move forward. I’m sure this consolidation course will

make a big difference to your game It is also suitable for those who have played some Bridge outside.

Why not give our Supervised Play sessions a try - help with bid and play whilst moving around meeting new people.


Please view the website for details.


The cost is £150 per term. For beginner's plus the £25 cost of a bridge manual which will last you for 1 year and is used in classs. Please register online

Do come and join us. You will be amazed how it will change your life giving you a wonderful new hobby and lots of new friends.

SIGN UP TODAY!     To Register Click Here

Experience the challenge and excitement of the game!

Suzanne Gill

April 2023