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Buckland Hall 27 to 30 April 2018

The Bridge Academy mini-break was from 27 to 30 April 2018.  We went to Buckland Hall in Wales. 
{Click on the links below see the photos and videos - }.

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messages received - Aspi


The Organisers of this trip did a sterling job! The trip was very memorable dispite the adverse weather on the first couple of days.

Neera & I enjoyed very well and I hope we have come back with fond memories and made some new friends in the process. Keep it up.

Aspi Shah

messages received - Dipak & Mina

Subject: Vote of thanks

Dear Daminiben & Pankajbhai

It was a great pleasure to be a part of your memorable trip to the Wales. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Very well organised trip. Both of you have worked very hard, hats off to you. We were guest but you didn't count as outsiders that was a real personal touch. Please convey our best wishes to all who have worked behind the curtain to make this trip a real success. We talked to quite a few people about the pleasure we got from this trip and from their expression you can see that they missed something. There is nothing that we can complain about the food,it was fantastic food. Very well menued. Our best wishes for your future trips. God bless you all.

messages received - Nilesh & Nutan

Subject: Feedback

Good morning.

I would like to say that the venue, the food and the transport was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend retreat.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Pankajbhai, Mukundbhai and your team for making this weekend retreat a very memorable one.

We hope to join you all again in any future trips.

Best wishes

Nilesh, Nutan

Dipak, Mina.

messages received - Mahendra & Sunita

Subject: Feedback

Well done. Enjoyed our trip.

Mahendra & Sunita

messages received - Rashik & Illa

Subject: Feedback


We had a great time, well organised events through out, food was good, except, short on some items. Even the bridge training was great, seems enjoyed by a number of people, thanks to Pankaj. 

May we take this opportunities to thank the organisers of this events.

Rashik Shah

messages received - Raju & Hasi

Subject: Feedback
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Buckland Hall.Thank you in allowing us to come as guests of Mukindbhai.You certainly have a great group of people in your Bridge Academy.

Thank you again .

Raju and Hasi


messages received - Jayaben & Lataben

Subject: Feedback

Thank you for organising this wonderful trip.

The venue was very nice with good vegetarian food.  The group was very friendly and we had very enjoyable time.

We look forward to more weekends like this

Best wishes

Jayaben and Lataben