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Bridgemate Use Protocol
Bridgemate Protocol for TBA Bridge Sessions

1. At the start of the session: once the bridgemates have been activated enter the players’ numbers. Verify that correct names come up, if incorrect call for help.

2. At the end of each board: enter the result, pass it on to the other pair for checking. If the result is correct , and only if correct, press the “ACCEPT” button .  We want to avoid corrections after session end.

3. At the end of a round: DO NOT PRESS the OK button.  Allow the moving pair access to bridgemate so that they can see where they have to move to. 

4. DO NOT touch the bridgemate: wait until at least one player from each new pair arrives at the table for the next round.  Now verify that the correct boards are present, press OK and verify that the correct players are at the table.

To get members to use the Bridgemates correctly, please note that after a few sessions we are proposing a penalty of -15 points if the above protocol is not followed.

1. If a pair entering a score does not offer the result for verification, the offending pair will be awarded a penalty
2. If the moving pair is not allowed to see, or unable to see, where they have to move to, the pair (usually stationary) at the table will be awarded a penalty
3. If the bridgemate has moved to the next screen such that we cannot verify who is supposed to be at the table, the pair (usually stationary) at the table will be awarded a penalty.