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Competition Rules
Club Pairs Championship and other competition rules

1. This event shall be called the Acacia Bridge (hereafter "the club")  "Club Pairs Championship" competition (hereafter "the competition").

2. The competition shall be contested between the months of September and April inclusive each year.

3. The competition shall be played on the first Wednesday of each respective calendar month unless that Wednesday is a Bank Holiday when the competition shall be played on the second Wednesday of the month concerned.

4. Any person may compete in one or more heats of the competition, but only bona fide members of the club shall be eligible to win the competition. 

5. The scoring of the competition shall be by the percentage score achieved by each competing pair in each heat in which they compete. 

6. The Director of each heat shall make every effort to utilise a "Howell" movement to deliver a fair result by ensuring every pair plays evert other pair involved in that heat. If a Howell movement is not practicable then a one winner Mitchell movement (arrow-switched style) should be used to ensure each event has one winner and equity of scoring across all events.

6. A pair must play in at least five heats of the competition to be eligible to win the competition.

7. A pair may play more than five heats; if any pair competes in more than five heats then their best five scores shall count towards their final result.

8. The winners of the competition shall be the pair whose five best percentage scores, from all of the heats in which they have played, average the highest amongst all those pairs eligible to participate in the competition.

9. The winners of the competition shall be presented with the "Pat Adams" trophy ("the trophy") at the club's Annual General Meeting in May and will be entitled to have their names engraved upon the trophy and will be entitled to keep the trophy for twelve months until the next Annual General Meeting.

10. The winners of the competition shall be entitled to call themselves Acacia's "Club Pairs champions" for the year in which they win the trophy,  and to compete in such events that this postion entitles them to compete, e.g. Surrey's Mary Edwards championship for Club Pairs Champions held in May of each year.

11. All other competitions will start the week following the AGM and finish on the same date as the last round of the Club Pairs Championship.

12. Competitions can only be won by members of the club.

13. If any member of a team finishing first in the Club Teams Championship is not a member of the club, the championship will be awarded to the highest placed team where all participants are members of the club.  That team will be eligible to compete in such events that this position entitles them to compete in, e.g. Surrey's Wanborough Cup.

14. The Club Teams Championship will be decided by VPs rather than IMPs.