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Welcome to Abingdon Duplicate Bridge Club

Joe Fox RIP

We are saddened to announce the sudden death of Joe Fox.  Joe has been a long time stalwart of the club, representing the club in the Wessex League and many other competitions and was always a pleasure to play against.   Joe has not played on-line but was looking forward to the restart of face-to-face bridge. We offer our deepest condolences to Lynne and the family

On-line Pairs Tuesday 26th October

Our next club on-line Pairs will take place as usual on BBO at 7.00pm on Tuesday 26th October.

On Tuesday 9th November we will play a session of the Children in Need Sims.  Pre-pandemic we regularly played in these sims and we paid the normal sims extra fee to Children in Need and many people also made extra donations which we forwarded.  On-line this doesnt work so last year we charged 8 BBO$ for the session and the club paid the remainder after BBO and the EBU had taken their cut to Children in Need.  This amounted to a donation of around £5/head.   We will do the same again this year.

So your session on 9th November will cost 8 BBO$

If you want to play at Abingdon you must have once registered your BBO name and EBU number in the table below or you will not be able to join.  If you have done it before please do NOT do it again.  If you need help contact me by phone 01235 521930, 07930 630315 or email, or if you need a partner contact Keith Sadler (

Master point promotions

The EBU is pleased to announce  the master point promotions of the following club members;

Peter Jackson  Premier Tournament Master
Viv Weekes  District Master

Chairman's Newsletter

You should have received an e-mail containing our Chairman's April Newsletter.   You can find a copy of it here together with our accounts for 2020-21 here .   If you did not receive an e-mail and think you should have please e-mail

Joint sessions with Central Yarnton, Thursday 9.45am

We have ceased offering Wednesday morning sessions because of the small numbers attending.  However Central Yarnton Bridge Club has kindly offered to host joint sessions with Abingdon on Thursday mornings at 9.45am.  These are now held on Real Bridge which gives an atmosphere more like face-to-face bridge.  They are relaxed sessions and any club member with an NGS rating of Jack or less is welcome to attend.  This includes most of the old Wednesday group and several are already playing.  If you are interested please send John Rowe ( your name and EBU number so he can register you and give instructions on how to access Real Bridge.

Abingdon On-line Sessions

Abingdon bridge sessions are now held on-line on BBO.

The sessions will be under the auspices of the EBU and master points and NGS entries will be awarded.
The cost will be 3 BBO$ (about £2.50)
Play will start at 7.00pm on Tuesday.  The tournaments will be available for registration two hours before the start.  It will greatly aid the directors if you register at least 20 minutes before the start 
You have to come with a partner.  If you need a partner e-mail  Keith Sadler ( who will operate the partnership scheme as normal. 
To register for the tournament,  after logging on go to "Competitive" "All tournaments"  and search for vEBU201067.  
Click on the tournament name and you will get a window asking you to fill in your partner's BBO name.  He/she will receive a window asking them to agree and pay.  They have to be on-line at the time.
Once you are both registered just wait for the tournament to start.
John Rowe and/or Peter Litchfield will be your directors.
 Before your first session you MUST register your name, EBU number and BBO name on the table above.   You will not be able to play without doing this.
If you have not played on BBO before there is a lot of information and help available on various web sites.   Try   or
Once on-line the main difference with normal bridge is that you must self-alert.   That is the person making a conventional bid must explain its meaning, not their partner.   There is a space on the bid window labeled "explain" to do this but remember to fill it in before you click on the bid as the window disappears when you do that.   You can ask the meaning of an opposition bid by clicking on that bid
The rounds are timed, if you are still playing when it times out the computer will move you on and the director will try to assign a score.
So play quickly and claim if you have the rest of the tricks.  
At the start of each round greet your opponents and give a brief resume of your system, e.g  benji, McKenny discards.   Use the Chat Manager to do this.
Good luck.
About us
About us

Abingdon Duplicate Bridge Club meets every Tuesday evening. We start at 7.20pm, so please arrive between 7.00pm and 7.15pm. We have about 140 members and average 14 tables each night. We aim to be a friendly, welcoming club with a good standard of play. We are affiliated to the EBU.

We are pleased to welcome visitors. Our venue has room for 20 tables, but please note that in the very unlikely event that the hall is full we will give priority to members.

We also run a relaxed duplicate on Wednesday morning suitable for less experienced players, though anybody is welcome. For more details, see below.  However our club is not suitable for complete beginners. We recommend that you contact Oxford, Wallingford or Wantage Bridge Clubs if you are just starting, as they offer courses and sessions for beginners.

As a Club we have a well-deserved reputation for being welcoming and friendly. However, the normally high standards of behaviour at the club can be undermined by occasional lapses. Can we remind members of the ways in which we can all help to make sure that bridge is an enjoyable game for everyone who comes to Abingdon:

  • greeting others in a friendly manner prior to the start of play on each round
  • being polite to opponents and partners
  • giving credit when opponents make a good bid or play
  • making your convention card readily available to your opponents and filling it out completely.

Please click here if you would like to see the EBU's guide to best behaviour at the bridge table.

Tuesday Pairs
Director: John Rowe
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Peter Litchfield
Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Peter Litchfield
Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Peter Litchfield
26th Oct 2021
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Peter Litchfield
28th Oct 2021
Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe