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Welcome to Abingdon Duplicate Bridge Club

Pairs and Handicap Pairs, Tuesday 6th June

Our revived Pairs and Handicap Pairs competitions wil restart today Tuesday 6th June.  As before the competitions will run on the first Tuesday of the month over our financial year, 1st April to 31st March.  The average of your six best results will be your entry in the Pairs competition.  Your average adjusted by your handicap, which will be your pair's average NGS rating on 6th June 2023, will be your entry in the Handicap Pairs.  If your NGS rating is not available you will not be able to enter the Handicap competition.  Because of our late start, this year's competition will have only 10 sessions.

        You do not have to enter, your results will be calculated automatically each time you play with the same partner.

       Good luck

Club Competitions

Our club competitions fell into abeyance during covid but your committee recently decided to restart as many as possible.

The OPEN and HANDICAP PAIRS will be played on the first Tuesday of the month starting on Tuesday 6th June.   Your score for the Open Pairs will be the average of your six best results between the 1st April and the 30th March   There is no need to enter, your score will be calculated auttomatically.   Because of the late start, his year there will be just ten sessions played

Your score for the Handical pairs will be your Open pairs score adjusted by your handicap which will be the average of your pair's NGS scores on the 6th June.   Your NGS score must be available on that date to take part.

The club cup competitions will be played on the third Tuesday of the month.    A belated Spring cup will be on Tuesday 20th June.   The two session Simpson cup will be hald on August 15th and September 19th .  The Autumn cup will be on November 21st.

On fifth Tuesdays we will play pairs with  Imp scoring.  The first will be on May 30th.  For those unfamiliar with Imp scoring there will be some instruction prior to the session.

Before covid we also ran an Individual competition and a Teams competition which could now run on the second and fourth Tuesdays.  However it is not clear whether we would have sufficient numbers to run them.  We will soon canvas opinion on whether these would be viable.

No F2F Bridge on Monday Afternoons

Because of disappointing attendances our Monday afternoon face to face sessions have been discontinued.

On-line Pairs, Tuesday evening 7.00pm

Our on-line pairs sessions continue on Tuesday evenings at 7pm on Real Bridge.   To play you must book and pay using the Bookwhen system.  Go to   Detailed instructions can be found here

The committee has decided that we will revert to table alerting as in face-to-face bridge for a period to see if this improves attendance.   It is still a requirement that each pair posts a brief description of their system and carding arrangements at the start of each round.

Face-to-Face bridge on Wednesday morning 9.45am

Our relaxed F2F pairs will run as normal on Wednesday mornings.    Should you not have a partner for any session please contact Kay Hunneyball ( ) who will try to find you one. 

Joint sessions with Central Yarnton, Thursday 9.45am

Our joint RealBridge sessions with Central Yarnton Bridge Club are on Thursday mornings at 9.45am.  All club members are welcome,  please contact John Rowe ( ) if you would like to play..

Booking and links with Bookwhen

Please read the instructions for using Bookwhen, our only method of paying for and obtaining the links to our on-line Real Bridge sessions here  To make a booking go to Bookwhen  The Real Bridge link will be sent to you by e-mail.   Please book and access the link at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.

There has been an occasional problem when people have cut and pasted the link from the Bookwhen e-mail, probably a feature of their browser.  Please just click on the link in the e-mail.

If you find you cannot play in a session you have booked please do not cancel your booking as we cannot refund your booking fee.   Instead please transfer your booking to another session as described in the instructions.

If you have played in a session but not paid you may make a late payment  here

If you have problems please contact me. or 07930 630315


Tuesday Pairs on BBO

Our Tuesday pairs will no longer be held on BBO, all on-line sessions will be on Real Bridge.

As a Club we have a well-deserved reputation for being welcoming and friendly. However, the normally high standards of behaviour at the club can be undermined by occasional lapses. Can we remind members of the ways in which we can all help to make sure that bridge is an enjoyable game for everyone who comes to Abingdon:

  • greeting others in a friendly manner prior to the start of play on each round
  • being polite to opponents and partners
  • giving credit when opponents make a good bid or play
  • making your convention card readily available to your opponents and filling it out completely.

Please click here if you would like to see the EBU's guide to best behaviour at the bridge table.

Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe
Wednesday pairs Face-to-face
Director: Andrew ashworth
Open and Handicap Pairs
Director: John Rowe
Central Yarnton + Abingdon BC - Thursday 1st June
Wednesday pairs Face-to-face
Director: Andrew Ashworth
X-Imp Pairs on Real Bridge
Director: John Rowe
13th Jun 2023
On-line Pairs
Director: Peter Litchfield
14th Jun 2023
Wednesday pairs Face-to-face
Director: Andrew Ashworth
15th Jun 2023
Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe
20th Jun 2023
On-line Pairs
Director: John Rowe
21st Jun 2023
Wednesday pairs Face-to-face
Director: Andrew Ashworth
22nd Jun 2023
Central Yarnton and Abingdon Pairs
Director: John Rowe