African Bridge Federation
General Instructions
ABF Trials 2021 - Play Links

General Instructions

1. Home & Visiting teams

  • When you log in to the RealBridge game ( using the game link ), you will find your team name written on one of the Tables.
  • All team members are required to sit at their table ( all together ) in Pairs NS and EW, later on, when we start the session, the software will automatically move the EW pairs between the tables according to the schedule of play.
  • In the schedule of play you will find Home team ( the team mentioned first ) and Visiting team ( the team mentioned second )
  • NO LINE-UP will be needed from the teams, the visiting team has to sit first at their table ( in Pairs NS and EW ), minimum 10 min before the official start time, and the Home team has the right to have a look at the visiting team and sit its pairs accordingly.

  1. Time delay and hesitation
  • It is very important to know that the TDs have the tools to produce a board report which includes the time for each bid / play by each player, so please be bare that in mind when calling the TD for a possible hesitation or before denying it.
  • It is also very important to know that the TDs also have the tools to produce a session time report which includes the exact time taken by each player in a session, in case of time delay, the penalty will be given according to this report.

  1. Headphones / Earphones

In order to minimize the noise in the venue as much as possible…

  • It is mandatory for each player to have his own headphone / earphone which is connected to his device during play
  • Use the table chat / private chat as much as possible and don’t use vocal chat.
  • Any vocal explanation will not be taken into the TD consideration in any case.
  • You need to be very careful when using the table chat as you might give an unauthorized information to your partner which could results in adjusted score by the TD.

  1. Kibitzers
  • Kibitzers are not allowed by any means at 1) the playing venue, 2) RealBridge online playing room.
  • All players are required to immediately leave the playing area when they finish their session, players are also kindly asked to keep their seats and not roam around the playing area.
  • All the matches will be broadcasted via RealBridge kibitzer website…

  • At the RealBridge kibitzer website, you can find the live broadcasted matches and also all the other matches scheduled for broadcast.
  • For security reasons, all broadcasted matches will be delayed by 30-45 min.

  1. Smoking, Eating and Alcohol, Mobile and electronic devices

As mentioned before in Mr. Pascal's email.

We must act as if we were playing these championships "live", therefore, the following is strictly forbidden during play:

  • Mobile phones and any other electronic devices, Mobile phones will be collected and there will be a regular check each session by the monitor.
  • Eating (even if only biscuits)
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Going to the WC without permission
  • Talking loudly during or at the end of any board if the player is unhappy about his/her partner's bid, hand play or defense.