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15th Mar 2024 11:50 GMT

The Club is delighted to receive visitors.  

Contact the secretary, or mail via the Contacts page, to request a partner if you need one - otherwise just turn up (punctually!).

GDPR policy

Aberystwyth Bridge Club will collect from members their names, together with postal, telephone end electronic contact details, and WBU number. 

These will be used purely for administrative purposes at the Club, such as notifying club events and internal management such as establishing partnerships. 

The Club will identify a Data Superintendent who alone will have secure custody of these data.  

  1. The Club's data Superintendent will normally be the Secretary.
  2. Member data will be name and contact details: address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, WBU serial number.  These data will be collected on joining the Club, and verified at member renewal (usually at calendar year beginning).  Members will be made aware formally of this policy.
  3. Member data will be secured on the Superintendent's home computer, and not shared among the membership.  Committee members may, in suitable circumstances, have access to paper records.
  4. Member names and WBU numbers (only) will be shared with the Welsh Bridge Union.
  5. Member names and WBU numbers (only) will be shared with the externally managed "Bridgewebs" system.
  6. Member names and WBU numbers (only) will be shared with the Club scorers (and relevant software), whose number and identity will be managed by the Club Committee.
  7. Member data will not be shared otherwise except under legal requirement.
  8. Members may request their own data record at any time, and may require correction of any errors.
  9. On leaving the club, member data will be deleted when no longer required for administrative purposes.