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Olive Hayes Shield will be held on 6th June.

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RealBridge News
RealBridge News

New: Links to RealBridge sessions can now be found on the CALENDAR section of the HOME page

RealBridge Access

 Regular online bridge normally takes place on Wednesdays.  Abergavenny and Brecon take turns to host the event.

All players at our clubs are welcome to take part in these games.  Please ensure that you have a “running account” i.e. have lodged money with the two host clubs before playing – preferably by electronic transfer although by cheque would be OK too. 

For Abergavenny games, please contact Richard Welsford email: ;  for Brecon games, please contact Mike Bugler & Andrew Wakley.

Each week the links to the sessions will be published on both club websites.  The results will be published on the appropriate club website.

Links to forthcoming RealBridge sessions can be found on the CALENDAR section of the HOME page.

Completed events can be accessed via the RESULTS section on the HOME page.  You'll see a "RealBridge" button (next to "Hands" button) - for Abergavenny hosted events only.

If you are unfamiliar with RealBridge, look at the RealBridge website, under PLAYER GUIDE. 

Although not essential, it is advisable to have a webcam or built-in camera on your device.

Players are charged £1 per session, except for Simultaneous Events when prices are varied.

Sessions are normally at 6:45 pm.    You should join a session at least 10 minutes before the start.

When logging in please enter your full real name and WBU number as your ID number.  Sit at a table (by clicking Sit E, for example), preferably opposite your partner.