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15th June - Handicap pairs competition for the Olive Hayes Shield

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Western League 2022-23

♠  Western League Bridge

Come and try it: You may even enjoy it smiley

The Western league is made up of 8 counties, Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Herefordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and East Wales.

We play 7 matches, roughly once a month from September to April.
We play online on Realbridge on a Saturday from 2pm-5.30pm, playing 24 boards, made up of two stanzas of 12 boards each.

We enter 3 teams, an A, B and C team. Each has a criteria for selection, but the C team is the starting point and you and your partner need to be below Premier Regional Master (50 greens).

It is a friendly and enjoyable way of spending a Saturday afternoon and whilst reasonably competitive, offers a good start for regular club players if they haven’t experienced team competition before. You can earn green points or parts of green points for each match you win.

The current C team comprises John Dewsnap, Iain Brisbane, Mike Clarke, Keith Edwards, Enid Snelgrove, Alan Snelgrove, Ann Kelly, Bob Hellier, Michael Jones and Richard Welsford.

We would welcome new pairs to put themselves forward to join us.  We will try and ensure that each pair plays at least one game in the season, but if we are inundated with new pairs, this may need to be spread over a couple of seasons.

If you and your partner would like to put your names forward, please send your details, name, email address, phone number, club and ranking to Richard Welsford (


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