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Olive Hayes Shield won by David Tomlin and Peter Lutter.

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Tricky 2NT

25/01/24 Board 24

North has 11 points but a good distribution in the majors so opens 1♠ .  East overcalls with  1 NT (16-18) and ends up in a 2 NT contract.

Although E-W have 24 points this is a tricky contract.

At our table, South leads ♣ Q, rather than the more obvious spade. 

The bidding helps you locate the key cards but how would you set about playing this hand?

With 24 points and at least 11 in North's hand, that leaves 5 points max with South.  It looks like he has a good club suit headed  by Q J. That leaves only, at most, 2 points and everything else is with North.

East decided to start with 10, South covers (should he?) and declarer played the Queen from dummy (better to just play low?).

As the play progressed North struggled for discards and let go a couple of low hearts. 

East was able to concede two heart tricks to North but cleverly retain his 2 to access dummy's hearts and last diamond.


There are other ways to tackle this contract, give it a go and see how you do!