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Winter Teams returns.  Let Iain know by 7th October if you are interested.


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Stayman Game
Stayman Game

14/09/23 Hand 17

East opens a weak NT (12-14) and West uses Stayman to look for a 4-4 major fit.  When East shows hearts, West makes an invitational raise to three.  With a maximum, East bids game.  (If you are a bit rusty on the Stayman convention look out for our bridge lessons, coming soon).

South leads ♣ 10.

During the play, watch for a 4-1 trump break and be careful how you play the clubs.

No-one made the contract on the evening but how would you play it?

Be sure to win the opening club lead in hand.  You could try a trump next, which loses to North's ace.  He may return a club, hoping to set up South for a club ruff.  Again you should win in hand to safeguard dummy's ace later.

You can take another round of trumps from hand but you can't afford to draw the last trump.  The key is a lead towards the ♣ A 5 on table and it doesn't matter whether South ruffs or not, you still make a third club trick.

When you take the successful spade finesse later, you are on the way to your 10 tricks.