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15th June - Handicap pairs competition for the Olive Hayes Shield

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Xmas Party
Xmas Party
Xmas Party

Our traditional Xmas party will be held on Thursday 15th December.  It will be the usual format – a fun individual event, so no need to bring a partner.  There will be a mid-session break for a buffet and a chance to socialise.

The good news is that we will not be charging any “table money” and, even better, the club will also pay for the buffet for members.  That does mean that we have to charge “guests” £10 towards the cost of the buffet. 

 We have confirmed final numbers for the catering, so please let me know any last-minute changes.

 Members confirmed:
John Dewsnap
Iain Brisbane
Ian Raynes
Andrew Wakley
Richard Welsford
Mick Heir
Tony Craske
Pam Craske
Peter Beynon
Paddy Beynon (10)
Rex Acton
Peter Lutter
Richard Fisher

Michael Sturt
Jo Copping 
Huw Morgan
David Tomlin
Beryl Jenkins
Michael Acton (guest)
Carolyn Faulder (20)
Michael Jones
April Johnson
Felicity Maitland-Jones
Mike Bugler (24)

Members declined:
Rosemary Hutchins
David Mason
Jo Acton
Heather Acton
Andy Fryer
Brenig Price (reserve)
Liz Terry (reserve)