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Winter Teams competition 2nd round starting soon.  See RealBridge tab for details.

Celtic Sims on 7th December

Christmas Party - 15th December.


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Social Bridge

On-line Social Bridge at Abergavenny

The club offers Social Bridge, which allows you to play on-line within your own social circle – you arrange who your partner and opponents will be, swapping around if you like.

*         You can play up to 20 boards at any time during your chosen session

*         You can have more than four players if you cut in and cut out

*         The score shows the results from all boards played but does not accumulate the overall total or give rubber bridge scoring.

*         It costs £5 for the whole table and you are welcome to invite guests even if they are not club or WBU members

*         Only the person booking and paying needs to be a member of Abergavenny club

*         Arrange by contacting Iain or John a few days beforehand

*         We will set up a table for you and send you a link to give to your players

*        There will be no director available for the session but we will try and help where possible

Let us know if you want to give it a try!