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Celtic Sims on 7th December

Christmas Party - 15th December.


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W/E 29 Oct
Hand 29/10/22

Hand 15 from 27 October.


No Slams to write about this week. So lets look at this 20 points each side hand.


After two passes North will open with a normal 1, East passes and South raises to 2. That should normally end the bidding, but this West over-called 2♠.

North now had to bid again, rather than just rebidding the hearts he elected to bid 3, which is taken as a trial bid, inviting game on a maximum from partner.

East wisely passed, not wanting to force North/South to game, but South was close to the maximum for his original raise so bid the heart game anyway.

Generally to is not good to over-call with a bad suit, at worst it gets partner to lead away from and honour in the suit, as here, but fortunately this did not cost this time.

The play was rather straight forward after the trumps split evenly, North just loses a club and a trump.


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(29th Oct 2022)