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15th June - Handicap pairs competition for the Olive Hayes Shield

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Abergavenny  are always keen to attract new people to our Bridge Club.  We play both the traditional face-to-face game at the Abergavenny Community Centre and also on-line.  So something to suit everyone!

We hope to provide Bridge lessons for people new to the game later in the year.

Please fill in the form and someone will be in touch soon.

Another Test

What should East bid next?

East should bid 4♣ .  This agrees hearts and shows a singleton or void in clubs.



East          South           West          North

pass          pass               1            pass

4♣ 1          pass                4♦ 2         pass

4 3          pass                4♠ 4         pass

5♣ 5         pass                 6           pass

pass        pass

1 = agreeing hearts with a singleton or void in clubs (splinter bid)

2 = first round control of diamonds and slam interest

3 = nothing more to show

4 = first round control in spades and still has slam possibilities

5 = singleton ace or void in clubs

North starts with the ace of clubs, ruffed in dummy then crossing to the ace of diamonds to ruff another club followed by a diamond to the queen to ruff the third club. The king of trumps was cashed to find the bad break, so the king of diamonds was cashed for a spade discard, leaving this:-


There are two ways to play from here.


You can ruff the last diamond with the 6 of hearts risking an over-ruff, but it pays off and you can now cash two top spades and claim on a cross-ruff with top trumps.