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Another Test

What should East bid next?

East should bid 4♣ .  This agrees hearts and shows a singleton or void in clubs.



East          South           West          North

pass          pass               1            pass

4♣ 1          pass                4♦ 2         pass

4 3          pass                4♠ 4         pass

5♣ 5         pass                 6           pass

pass        pass

1 = agreeing hearts with a singleton or void in clubs (splinter bid)

2 = first round control of diamonds and slam interest

3 = nothing more to show

4 = first round control in spades and still has slam possibilities

5 = singleton ace or void in clubs

North starts with the ace of clubs, ruffed in dummy then crossing to the ace of diamonds to ruff another club followed by a diamond to the queen to ruff the third club. The king of trumps was cashed to find the bad break, so the king of diamonds was cashed for a spade discard, leaving this:-


There are two ways to play from here.


You can ruff the last diamond with the 6 of hearts risking an over-ruff, but it pays off and you can now cash two top spades and claim on a cross-ruff with top trumps.