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Olive Hayes Shield won by David Tomlin and Peter Lutter.

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Grand Slam Squeeze

23/08/23 - Hand 14 

South leads  J.  Six Clubs is off-the-top if you ruff a spade but can you give yourself the best chance for all 13 tricks?

Having drawn the outstanding trump, most declarers will play off the hearts hoping for a 3-3 break in order to discard the diamond loser from dummy but you can give yourself a better chance by combining that with a squeeze play.

Win the heart lead in hand and play off some trumps.  Cash the diamond ace and ruff the spade jack.  Return to dummy and when you play out the last trump discard the losing diamond from your hand.   If one defender started with four hearts and the diamond king they will have to discard something!

(30th Aug 2023)