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W/E 3rd Sept
Hand 01/09/22

Hand 8 from 1st September

West          North           East          South

pass          1 NT              pass           2 1 

pass           2                  pass           32

pass           4                  pass           4 NT 3 

pass           5♠ 4              pass           6  

pass           pass             pass

1 = transfer to hearts

2 = second suit - game forcing

3 = Roman Key Card Blackwood

4 = 2 key cards + queen of hearts


After the 1NT opening South knows we are in the slam zone, but which one - hearts, spades or no-trump ? What is the best way to find out ? Stayman works well as the cards lay, but does not help if you get the 2 diamonds response. Also if you play 2 spades asking North for his range, it only confirms that you should be in a slam, but which. Here a transfer and bid of the second suit gives North all the options.


East will lead 7 diamonds hoping for a ruff, but not to be. The play is straight forward with a finesse of the king of spades for the 13th trick.


For those that choose to play in no-trumps the finesse has to be done earlier whilst you still control the minor suits.


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