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Learn & Play

Enjoy learning to play Bridge, as a complete novice, or improve your existing knowledge and meet new friends and bridge players. It is a stimulating game, which exercises the brain at all ages.

We specialise in teaching bridge in a friendly, fun and social environment.

FREE Taster Sessions

There is a deposit of 25, if you attend the first lesson and for any reason during the first lesson, you decide that you do not wish to continue with the course, your deposit is refunded in full. A guaranteed FREE taster session!


Novice, Beginners, Intermediates, Competitors and Improvers all start week commencing 19 September. You will be provided with a copy of the EBU Beginning Bridge book, which will guide you for the first year, which costs 25. There are fun quizzes and exercises to do, which reinforce the learning You will have free membership of the EBU and receive its student magazine


A partner is provided for all supervised playing sessions. Players taking lessons may continue playing after their lessons.

Playing session starts at 7.30pm on all Fridays, arrive at 7.15pm. All supervised playing sessions are 6

The most enjoyable aspect of bridge is the playing. Practice helps the Learning. Expert is on hand to give you friendly advice when you ask.

Supervised Rubber Play

Gentle/Friendly Duplicate