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Chairman's Cup
Director: Nigel
Scorer: Nigel
Chairman's Cup
Director: Neil
Scorer: Neil
Chairman's Cup
Director: Lynda
Scorer: Lynda
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St. Michael's Duplicate Bridge Club

Chairman's Cup

Rules for the competition.

The above Cup is to be awarded annually for the first time at the 2018 AGM, engraved with the winners names.

The Cup will be retained by the winners until early December and then handed back to the Chairman in preparation for the following years presentation.

The winners will be decided by adding up all Points earned through the calendar year on a 3,2,1 basis. Maximum 6 Points.

Master Points will be put on a Spreadsheet or other means determined by the Chairman, giving a total for each player.

Players with equal scores will share the Cup as there could be one or more winners.

Decision's of the Chairman will be final on the award.

Presented by Neil Fairbairn (Chairman 2017)