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Code of Conduct

The Zenon Committee is asking all players to strictly abide by the code of conduct, to play at a reasonable speed and turn off phones. The timer for playing the hands will be set to give 4-minute warning after which no new boards can be played if they have not already been started. Those receiving phone calls will be penalised by 2 Euros. Attention should also be paid to correctly entering the score in the bridge mate and to have this verified by one of the opponents.  Care should be taken to return cards to the right position on the board and to verify that one receives 13 cards and returns the same 13 cards to the board at the end of play.  

     Always check the website to check the session is running.

     Usual times are Monday 1800 and Tuesday 14.15



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Resignation of Treasurer

It is with regret we announce the resignation of our Treasurer, Tina Clarke-Walker. Tina asked that the following statement be posted on the notice board:

“This is a very important period for our Club and my prolonged absence abroad with no definite date for return to Cyprus will add an unnecessary layer of communication and could frustrate the decision-making process involved in changing the constitution. It is therefore with regret that I hereby resign as a member of the Committee with immediate effect.

If in the future, if there is an opportunity for me to play an active role in the Club I shall be very pleased to do that.”

Last updated : 6th Jul 2018 13:54 BST
Congratulations to the Gold Point Zenon Pairs. 30.06.2018
Congratulations to the Gold Point Zenon Pairs. 30.06.2018
Last updated : 7th Jul 2018 16:41 BST
Mixed Pairs
  • 1st Frosso & Phillipos
  • 2nd Rena & Themis
  • 3rd Iain & Lynne
Last updated : 27th May 2018 13:49 BST
Director's Seminar

A very important seminar organised by the European Bridge League and hosted by the Cyprus Bridge Federation took place in a Larnaca beachfront hotel from 8-11 February.

It was a training seminar for Bridge Tournament Directors who attended lessons given by ten experienced and qualified Directors of the World Bridge Federation and the European Bridge League. The Directors hailed from Germany, Holland, Portugal, England, Italy, Poland, Israel, and Dimitris Ballas from Greece. Those present had the opportunity to follow the world renowned Director Ton Kouijman from Holland, (Chairman of the World Bridge Federation Laws' committee.)

The following attended from the Cyprus Federation:

Andreas Phylactou, Catherine McCullagh, Geraldine Papanastasiou, Carol Anderson, Angelina Paraliki, Anastasios Drasas, Philippos Frangos, Lynne Morrison, Michalis Kyriakides, Panos Panayides.


Last updated : 12th Feb 2018 17:52 EET
Player of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Mr. George Kolettis. Player of the Year, 2017.  Mrs Kathryn Andreas presented the cup for player of the Year before Tuesday's tournament. 

Last updated : 8th Feb 2018 11:14 EET
Letter to members from Secretary

To All Zenon Bridge Club Members 16th April 2018

Dear Members

You will be aware that at the AGM of the Zenon Bridge Club (ZBC) held on 26th October 2017, the following members were elected as Committee Members of ZBC:

Kathryn Andreas (Chair)

Mike Carpenter (Vice Chair)

Iain Dowell (Secretary)

Tina Clarke-Walker (Treasurer)

Danielle Cuvellier (Events)

Subsequent to the AGM, an EGM was held on 13th April 2018, at which the General Assembly there present voted unanimously in favour of the above elected members. Members should be aware that no new candidates put themselves forward.

Further to the EGM, and in accordance with article 22 of the Constitution, the above committee met to reconfirm and agree, in accordance with Article 17 of the Constitution, the roles of directors as indicated against each of the members’ names as above.

It was also agreed and reconfirmed that:

- Lynne Morrison as a non-voting member of the board in charge of the website

- Suzanne Melas as a non-voting member of the board as Zenon club representative to the CBF should also continue in their roles.



Following the AGM of Zenon bridge club on 26th October the returning officers, who were unanimously accepted at the meeting announced the following results for the new five-member committee. At the request of members, a recount was carried out which confirmed that there was no change to the five winning candidates.

All accepted to serve on the board of directors.

Furthermore the committee adhered to article 22 of the constitution and met within a week of the AGM on Saturday 28th constituting the committee and roles of directors as stipulated in article 17 of our constitution namely

Kathryn Andreas (Chair)

Mike Carpenter (Vice Chair)

Iain Dowell (Secretary)

Tina Clark (Treasurer)

Danielle Cuvellier (Events)

Furthermore the newly elected board unanimously agreed to invite

Lynne Morrison as a non-voting member of the board in charge of the website

Suzanne Melas as a non-voting member of the board as Zenon club representative to the CBF for the next three years.

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