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Father O'Connell







The Father O’Connell Trophy

In 1965, because Youghal did not have a club pairs’ championship, Fr. O’Connell presented his trophy for ouerClub Championship and it remains the premier competition other than the President''s Prize.  




2017        Carmel Treacy   Marybelle Murphy

2016        Joe Higgins Dermot Cotter

2015        Betty Dermot Cotter

2014        Betty Dermot Cotter

2013        Liam Hyde               John Whelehan

2012        Betty Dermot Cotter

2011        Maurice Power       Andy McNulty

2010        Betty Dermot Cotter

2009        Maurice Power       John Whelehan

2008        Betty Dermot Cotter

2007        Betty Dermot Cotter

2006        Betty Dermot Cotter

2005        Betty Dermot Cotter

2004        Liam Hyde               John Whelehan

2003        Betty Dermot Cotter

2002        Denise Fitzgerald    Anne O'Reilly

2001        Betty       Dermot Cotter

2000        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1999        Andy McNulty         Denise Fitzgerald

1998     Betty and Dermot Cotter

1997        Jean Kelly                Carmel Treacy

1996        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1995        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1994        Anne O'Reilly          Hilda Clarke

1993        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1992        Anne O'Reilly          Mairead Barry

1991        Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

1990        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1989        Betty and Dermot Cotter

1988        Betty  Cotter  Joe Higgins

1987     May Horne Anne Power (tie)

                Mollie Buckley        Margaret Flavin

1986        Andy and Kay McNulty

1985        Denise Fitzgerald    Ann Hannon

1984        Ann Hannon            Jean Kelly

1983        Claire and John Quill

1982        Helen Tucker           Ken Taylor

1981        Ann Hannon            May Horne

1980        Cannon D.Dwyer     Eileen Savage


1978        Frank and Anne O'Reilly

1977        Matt Foley              Eugene O'Sullivan

1976        Ann Hannon            MAy Horne

1975        Ken Taylor               Bill Coverley

1974        Cis Byrne Marie McConnell

1973        Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

1972        Ken Taylor               Nancy Ferran

1971        Ken Taylor              Nancy Ferran

1970        Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

1969        Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

1968        Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

 1967       Mary Kennedy         Hilda Clarke

1966        Chrissie Madden  Mrs. M. Walsh

1965        Donal and Chrissie Madden