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Youghal Bridge Club
Ferran Taylor Trophy

Ferran-Taylor Cup

Nancy Ferran, her sister and brother-in-law, Maureen and Ken Taylor presented this trophy to the Blackwater Bridge Club.

It is played as a Handicapped Pairs competition.







2017        Ml. O'Connell                   Helen Keane

2016       Finnuala Coleman            Tina Coleman

2105       Hugh Fitzpatrick                Angeal Schofield

2014       Michael Stack                    Sylvia Stack

2013       Kate Hogan                         John Whelehan

2012       Cliff bennett                      Olive Cotter

2011       Sheila O'Donnell               Eilish Slattery

2010       Rose Galvin                        Sally O'Sullivan

2009       Mary Goggin                      Mary Gibbons

2008       Margarert Kelleher         Gretta Plante

2007       Eilish Slattery                     Rita Landers

2006       Jean Kelly                            Betty Cotter

2005       Peg Mehegan                    Susan Ward

2004       Betty Cotter                       Dermot Cotter

2003       Alice Fitzgerald                  Maura O'Brien

2002       Mary Beausang                 Anne O'Reilly

2001       Denise Fitzgerald             Alice Fitzgerald

2000       Sheila O'Byrne                   Teresa Power

1999       Liam Kelly                            Gerry Stack

1998       Cora Callaghan                  Margaret Flavin

1997       Ann Hannon                       Maura O'Brien

1996       Cora Callaghan                  Helen Walsh

1995       Tina Coleman                     Gertie Lupton

1994       Canon D. Dwyer                               Denise Fitzgerald

1993       Ann Hannon                       Bridie Doyle

1992       Ann Power                         Denise Fitzgerald

1991       Ann Hannon                       Bridie Doyle

1990       Anne O'Reilly                     Canon D. Dwyer

1989       Ann Hannon                       Bridie Doyle

1988       Denise Fitzgerald             Carmel Treacy

1987       Min Hogan                          Sam Adams

1986       George Ward                     Susan Ward