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Youghal Bridge Club
Tostal Open Teams. 1953 to 20112

The Tostal Team of Four competition was for many years one of the premier teams competitions in the region, attracting entries of over thirty teams. Traditionally, it was played over two sessions on Psalm Sunday. Sadly, due to the demise of like competitions, it was discontinued as an open event in 2011 and is now a confined club competition.

2011    Betty Cotter, Dermot Cotter,Joe Higgins,  Maurice Kennefick

2010    Betty Cotter, Dermot Cotter, Joe Higgins, Maurice Kennefick

2009    Betty Cotter, Dermot Cotter, Joe Higgins, Maurice Kenefick

2008    M.P.O'Connor, D.O'Leary, P.O'Connell, K.Bonner

2007.  Ger Cummins,Tom McCarthy, Cian Holland, Derek O'Gorman

2006   Betty Cotter, Dermot Cotter, Maurice Kennefick, Joe Higgins

2005.  Karl Hayes, Cian Holland, Tom McCarthy, Geoff Roberts

2004   Dermot Cotter,  Joe Higgins, Betty Cotter, Jim O'Reilly

2003   Dermot Cotter, Joe Higgins, Pat McCarthy, Jim O'Reilly

2002   Dermot Cotter, Joe Higgins, Pat Mc Carthy, Jim O'Reilly

2001   M.Reddy,M.boland, T. Murphy, R.O'Shaughnessy

2000   M.Atkinson, , M.Kennefick, B.Cotter, D.Cotter

1999   M.Atkinson, M.Kennefick, B.Cotter, D.Cotter.

1998.  Pat Mc Carthy, G.Cummins, M.Atkinson, M.Kennefick,

1997    A.Dillon, D.Dillon, R.D.Mc Grath, J.Russell

1996    P.C.Kiely, Tom Mc Carthy, Cian Holland, Karl Hayes

1995    P.McCarthy , D.O'Gorman, J.O'Reilly, G.Cummins

1994.   R.D.McGrath, D.Bell, Mrs. A. Dillon, Mrs. J.Crowley

1993. R.D.McGrath, C.Holland, Mrs. A. Dillon, Mrs. J.Crowley

1992. J. Ryan, B.Kelly, M.Madden , B.Madden.

1991 Jim O'Reilly, P.C.Kiely, Hugh McGann, D.O'Gorman

1990 Jim O'Reilly, P.C.Kiely, Hugh McGann, Donal Bell

1989 Marie Coveney, Marion Atkinson, Betty Cotter, Dermot Cotter

1988 Noreen Lucey, John Murphy, Moire Flynn, Michael Canning,

1987. J.J.O'Reilly, P.C. Kiely, B.Cotter, D.Cotter

1986 Mr. &Mrs. M.Prendergast, Mrs. J.O'Keeffe,  Mr. T.Mulcahy

1985 Mr.J.Spratt. Mrs.M.Christopher, Mr.P.Reilly, Mr.C.McCarthy

1984 H.Prendergast, M.Prendergast, T.Mulcahy, N.Hayes.

1983 Mrs.N.Foley, Mrs. A. Fenton, Mrs. J. Mansfield, Mrs.L.O'Donnell

1981 Mrs. K.Mc.Nulty, Mr.A.J.McNulty, Mrs. B.Cotter, Mr.D. Cotter

1980 Mrs W.Cusack, W.Cusack, Mrs.J.O'Keeffe, J.Phelan

1979 J.Kenny, M.Collins, P.Kiely, R.O'Leary

1978 Mr.D.McGrath, Mr.M.F. O'Connell, Dr. M.Collins, Lt.Col. J.Kenny

1976- 1977  Mrs. A.O'Sullivan, Mrs.M Byrne,Mrs. H.Pollock, Mrs. J.Kenny

1975 Mrs.N. Foley, J.D..Phelan, T.Mulcahy, J.Spratt

1974 Mrs.M.Crowley, Mr. D.McGrath, Mr.D.Dillon, Mr. P.Mc Carthy

1973 Lt.Col. J.Kenny, Capt. M.O'Driscoll, Mrs. J. Coveney, Mr.R.A.O'Leary

1972 Mrs.H. Christopher, Mrs. M. McCarthy, Mr.H Christopher, Mr. P.Reilly

1971 Mrs. H.Christopher, Mrs. M. McCarthy, Mr. H. Christopher, Mr.P.Reilly

1969 Mrs. H.Christopher, H.Christopher, W.A.O'Leary,  R.Magnier

1968   R.A.Twomey, Mrs. H.Pollock, Mrs. J.Kenny, Miss M.Costello

1967 R.A.Twomey, C.Kelleher, Mrs.H.Pollock, Mrs. P.Wheatley

1965 W.H.McBratney, D.G.McGrath, Mrs. W.H, McBratney, Mrs.P.Byrne

1964 W.H.McBratney, Mrs. McBratney, Mrs. J.J.O'Sullivan, Mrs.P.Byrne

1963. Waterford.  E.O. Barry, Mrs. Barry, Mrs.P.Dooley, F.F. Daly.

1963. D.P.O'Donovan , R.A. Twomey, F.W.O'Connell, J.K. Coakley.

1962 Mrs. P.Dooley, Mrs. F. Deevey, MRs. E.Barry, F.F. Daly.

1961 W. Kervick, H.Williams, C.Allison, F. Hornsey.

1960 Rev. R.Coady, Mrs.H.O'Neill, Mrs. W. Kervick, Fred F. Daly

1959 W. Kervick, C. Allison, F. Hornsey, F.O'Boyle

1958 Rev.J. Savage C.C., Mrs. J.Harrington, Mrs. P.J. O'Doherty, P.J.O'Doherty, 

1957  W. Kervick, Supt. Ryan, C.Allison, F.O'Boyle

1956. D.P.O'Donovan. E.O. Barry, J.K.Coakley, M.F.O'Connell

1954 Miss J.Mc Carthy, Miss R.O'Brien Mrs W.J. Owens, Mrs. J.O'Sullivan 

1953  J.J.O'Sullivan, D.O'Donoghue, Mr.  & Mrs. Cohen