The York Bridge Club
Finding a Partner

Apart from Friday evening when a 'host' system is in place you will need to pre-arrange a partner.  Members can use the 'Partner Finder' section in Pianola.  Otherwise you can phone the contacts below and they will try to find a partner for you.  All are York telephone numbers (01904) unless otherwise stated.


Monday Evening (no fear) 7pm

          John Guest 795595,

Tuesday Evening 7.15pm

          Sally Roberts 678895

Wednesday Afternoon 1pm

          Sally Roberts 678895

Friday Morning 10:15am

Piers Percival  481841, 

Friday Evening 7.15pm 

There is a host system so that you may just arrive, preferably before 7pm.            

If you intend to play regularly on Fridays please ask to be added to the host list, as this will be a good way of getting to play with a variety of players.


No one minds being asked to play so please ask.   Do not be shy.