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Wed 28th Jun 2017
Main - Accumulator Cup Rnd 02
Fri 30th Jun 2017
Wed 5th Jul 2017
Main - Accumulator Cup Final
Fri 7th Jul 2017
Wed 12th Jul 2017
Multiple Teams League 02
Fri 14th Jul 2017
Fri 23rd Jun 2017
Wed 21st Jun 2017
Main - Accumulator Cup Rnd 01
Wed 21st Jun 2017
Improvers Group
Fri 16th Jun 2017
Main - Beryl Doughty Rnd 03
Wed 14th Jun 2017
Wed 14th Jun 2017
Improvers Group
Diary of Events
Event (Click to Enter / View if BOLD) Date Comments
Surrey AGM and Pairs 2nd Jul Surrey AGM in between a Pairs event, it is important to support the Counties AGM and have your say
Wimbledon BP Swiss Pairs 9th Jul Wimbledon's Swiss Pairs - Blue Pointed
London Swiss Pairs 15th Jul London's Swiss Pairs - Green Pointed
Dorset Swiss Pairs 23rd Jul Dorset Swiss Pairs - Green Pointed
Richard Currie Swiss Pairs 30th Jul Richard Currie Swiss Pairs - Profits to Phyllis Tuckwell - Blue Pointed