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YHBC Improvers Framework

YHBC Improvers Framework


YHBC has an indepentant section for Improvers and players new to duplicate play


This section is bound by the same rules and ethics as the Main Group and has the following framework:


1. The section is designed to prepare players for the main group - the following rules and guides operate:

   a) Supervised play is operated most weeks. Advice can be sought after a hand has been played but not during play (where Master Points are being awarded)

   b) The Improvers Host (and or Main Committee) will monitor performaces and may approach players to encourage them to move groups when considered ready

   c) Any player may approach the Host or Main Committee member to request a change of group (this will then be considered)

   d) Winners of the Improvers Cup may move groups if they choose but will not be forced

   e) Pairs achieving more than 200 Master Points in a single club year from 15 or more events will be encouraged to move group

   f) Pairs can try the Main Group whenever they wish but can come back instantly.  It may be an idea to try the Main Group periodically to gauge improvement for example.


2. The Improvers Cup will be awarded to the pair with the highest average % score in the club year.  Qualification for the event is a minimum of 10 events.


3. The Patricia Pinder Cup is awarded to the most improved Pair from last Season (minimum of 10 events to be played as a pair).