Spade Yateley & Hawley BC Club
Weekly Summary
W/E 20th January 2019

Monday 14th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Colin & David!

Lady Rose Plate (Event not live as yet for scores) - Ian's team won away vs a Richmond team - well done, Ian & Nick, Jo & Alan!

Tuesday 15th

No Bridge!

Wednesday 16th

YHBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Chris & Ian and Jill & Colin!

Interesting Hand:  Board 9:  Playing precision, we were able to find out about the second suit and a 4/4 fit (much better than the 6 card  suit with a 6/1 fit) - I mis-counted the 's and lost a trick I shouldn't but most of the field are in s not s - worth looking for a better fit if room in the bidding.

Thursday 17th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Rosemary & Norma!

Friday 18th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Penny & Susan (and Special mention to Angela & Colin with a superb result!)

YHBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Jill & David!

Saturday 19th

No Bridge!

Sunday 20th

No Bridge!

Next Week:

Mon 21st - Surrey League match, Weds 23rd - Beryl Doughty, BBL League match, Thurs 24th - BBL League match

W/E 13th January 2019

Monday 7th

BBL Div2 - Teams League (Yateley A):  Well done on winning 18-2 (Alan B & Jo, Colin & David P)

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done David & Nick!

Tuesday 8th

May 6th Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs - Entry Form now available on YHBC and CBC

Wednesday 9th

YHBC - Team Session:  Well done Alan, John, Colin & David (Colin & David achieving over 70% as a pair on X-Imps!!!).  The season is now within a fraction of a % for the lead and 1 event to go in March....

Interesting Hand:  Board 14, A wild hand here, at our teams event, mainly a flat board but potential for big swings.  Can anyone work out a sequence to get to 6 by EW (the only slam available)?  Incredible that NS cannot make more than 8 tricks in their suits and EW have minor fit and have to ignore the 6 card major - an impossible hand but worth a look.

Thursday 10th

BBL Div1 - Teams League (Camberley A):  A narrow Loss 8-12  (Simon & Margaret, Alan C & David P)

CBC - Thursday Championships (1/10):  Well done Lorraine & John!

Friday 11th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Margaret & Ian and David & Connie!

YHBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Jo & Alan!

This was also a qualifier for the Waller Bowl (Berks Pairs Final) - well done to all who qualified:

Jo & Alan

Marion & Vivek

June & John

Val & Lesley

Barbara & Ian

Saturday 12th

No Bridge!

Sunday 13th

Surrey - Affiliated Club Teams of 8 - CBC 13th out of 14 - last at half time though and finished on a high (Ian & Marion, Simon & Margaret B, Jane & Keith W, Nick & John F)

Interesting Hand:  Board 5 (Half 1), A good contract by NS and the first hand of the day.  I decide to lead 3 from AXX and found partner with 6 to the Q - Declarer played the J (on a guess) and partner wins with the Q and returns the lead, I take the K and return it for 6 tricks off the top, then my A - was pleased with my lead!!!

Berks & Bucks - County Pairs Qualifier - Top 16 qualify, Colin & David a very creditable 4th and have made the cut for the final on 3rd February, well done both!

Next Week:

Regular club sessions but no club events, Ian's team have a Lady Rose plate match Monday (Away)

W/E 6th January 2019

Monday 31st

No Bridge, New Years Eve

Tuesday 1st (2019)

New Years Day!!!  Hope all saw the New Year in style - we had a nice gathering at ours with some friends from the local clubs and ate, drank and played games - Happy New Year!!!

We were saddened to hear the news that a previous member, Arnold Bradshaw, passed away.  Arnold was a key player locally and nationally and was known throughout the area as a fierce and strong player - he will be missed by many.

Wednesday 2nd

Master Point Promotions - Last Listing of the year published, well done to YHBC and CBC players (pages 19 & 20):

Marie Thomson 5* Premier Regional Master
Andy Lewis 3* Premier Master
Lesley Hearon 3* Tournament Master
Bob Whitmarsh 1* Master
Moira Nairn District Master
Jim Nairn District Master


YHBC - First Session of the New Year:  Well done Colin & Lesley!

Interesting Hand:  Board 10, 7 bid and made by Val & Vee, relied on the finesse (brave to take it!!!), well done both.

Interesting Hand:  Board 13, 6 bid and made by Ian & Chris, Precision 1, 2 (alerted as semi-positive), 3 overcall - 6 (punt) by Ian - partner needs A (he has it), K needs to be on side (it is), phew...!!!

Farnham - First Session of the New Year (Sylvia Rose, Teams):  Well done Nick & Marie (with partner's) winning 18-2 and guaranteeing the team a place in the "A" Final with 1 match to go.

Thursday 3rd

We were saddened to hear the news that a popular Surrey player, Richard Millard, passed away, he was my County Team Captain for several years and a good friend - he will be missed by many.

CBC - First Session of the New Year (Teams):  Well done Philip, Andy, John & Keith - a strong start to the series (they were champions last season!).

Friday 4th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done John & Dorothy and Norman & John!

Interesting Hand:  Board 11, 6NT and 6 bid and made a few times (neither of which should make!) but 6 not bid at all (the only slam there!), 6NT fails on a lead.

YHBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Colin & David!

Interesting Hand:  Board 1, 6 is cold, how to get there though?  Saddened to say we didn't get to game crying

Warwick Congress - 3 Day Congress, Day 1 - 6 Events for the warm up day, no local players though:  Mixed - Mens - Ladies - Teams Red - Teams Green - Teams Blue

Saturday 5th

Warwick Congress - 3 Day Congress, Day 2, Swiss Pairs:  The largest attendance in recent years with 62 Tables, 1 local pair (finished in the middle with 3 wins).

Sunday 6th

Warwick Congress - 3 Day Congress, Day 3, Swiss Teams:  Another good attendance with 57 tables, 1 local pair with team mates (finished in the middle again with 3 wins).

Next Week:

Teams at YHBC on Wednesday 9th, Waller Bowl Qualifier at YHBC on Friday 11th, Thursday Championship (1/10) at CBC on Thursday 10th, Surrey event for Affiliated Clubs Teams of 8 (CBC have a team entered) on Sunday 13th, Berks&Bucks event for County Pairs Qualifier (Local Pairs have entered) on Sunday 13th

W/E 30th Dec18

Monday 24th

No Bridge, Christmas Eve

Tuesday 25th

Christmas Day!!!  Hope all had a great Christmas!!!

Wednesday 26th

No Bridge

Thursday 27th

CBC - Regular Club Session:  Well done Margaret & John!

Interesting Hand:  Hand 17 was interesting.  With 13 points each for East and West, 5 is the optimum contract.  However, this is important in terms of who plays the hand.  If East opens 1 and West bids 1 (no rush), then North should lead out the A and the K will follow later.  However, if East opens 1 (feeling that they don't want to reverse later), then South has a much harder lead choice.  Could easily lead a .  Now, AK to discard the K and 12 tricks make after losing the K later!  Unfortunately, we made the wrong choice on each bid (for this hand)!  Partner Opened 1 (nothing wrong with that).  I respond 1 and I then missed the 3 bid as a splinter!  With some extra bidding I eventually land partner in 6NT which he has to convert into the impossible 7 - 0%!!!  Can't win them all but, we were right to be considering the slam (I feel) and had East been in 6, would it have made I wonder.....

EBU - Year End Congress:  Swiss Pairs (1/3).  One of our members Son is currently leading after Day 1, well done Chris Cooper! 

Friday 28th

CBC - The final Session of 2018:  Well done Tricia & Anne!

EBU - Year End Congress:  Swiss Pairs (2/3).  Chris drops to 21st after a tough session today.

EBU - Year End Congress:  Swiss Pairs (3/3).  Chris finished in 8th after a strong last session.  Overall Rankings HERE

EBU - Year End Congress:  Jack High Pairs.  A great concept for a competitive event for regular club players.  Not many local players entered though.

We were saddened to hear the news that a much loved and long standing member, Marion Scott, has passed away, we will miss you Marion.

Saturday 29th

EBU - Year End Congress:  Open Pairs (1/2).  A few local pairs participating.  Open Pairs (2/2).

EBU - Year End Congress:  Mixed Pairs (1/2).  No local pairs participating.  Open Pairs (2/2).

Sunday 30th

EBU - Year End Congress:  Swiss Teams.  The final event of the year in London.  I have been keeping an eye out for local players and pleased to see one of my partners, Chris Purvis finish 20th with his team mates winning 5/7 matches, a great performance, well done!!!

Next Week:

First session of YHBC on Wednesday 2nd, Teams at CBC on Thursday 3rd


With the ending of the Bridge Diary (of an Addict!!!), a few comments have been raised and some people still want to know what is happening in the Bridge Clubs and events that may include our members (YHBC and CBC).

To this end, welcome to the new Bridge Journal with a weekly Summary!

This is intended just as a roundup of the week's events and note for the diary on "next week".  We will include some "well done" messages, as well a summary of what happened this week, links to events and pointing out interesting hands.

This will be a weekly summary but posted nightly with future events "greyed out" until after the event where links will be added.

Watch this space....!