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31st JANUARY, 2017

PRESENT:   Flo Flett, Judy Turnbull, Jill Causley, Julie Burley, Barbara Thollar, John Sheean,  Adele Liddle, Barbara Rook, Heather Grant, Danni Turnbull, Denise McCormack, Marion Corrigan, Diane Michaels, Anne Kelly, Frank Campbell,Paul de Jong,Annie Green,Thelma Weston,Margaret Lawrence,Robyn Bowden, Tony Bowden,Jan Ainslie, Marilyn Miller,Alan Turnbull,Royce Collins

APOLOGIES:    Phyllis and  John Telfer,  Alan Marr, Elaine Hyland, Ros Stevens, Sylvia Cryer

PRESIDENT”S REPORT: Jill Causley read her report (attached) and moved it be adopted. Seconded by Julie Burley.

MINUTES:  Julie Burley read the 2016 AGM minutes and moved they be accepted . Seconded by Flo Flett.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Alan Turnbull delivered the treasurer’s report and  distributed copies of his report on Income and Expenditure (attached) and moved it be accepted. Seconded by Barbara Thollar.

John Sheean enquired whether the fee paid to the Dept. of Fair Trading is the normal fee we pay. Alan said that the fee had in fact been reduced this year.

ELECTION OF 2016 OFFICE BEARERS:     Frank Campbell conducted the election of the committee.

All committee members were elected unopposed.  Vice President: Jan Ainslie, Treasurer: Alan Turnbull, Committee Member: Anne Kelly.

Nominations from the floor were called for to fill the vacancies.

Flo Flett nominated Jill Causley as President but she declined.

John Sheean was nominated as President by  Jill Causley. Seconded by Heather Grant. He accepted.

Jill Causley  was nominated to the Committee by John Sheean. Seconded by Barbara Thollar. She accepted.

Tony Bowden was nominated to the Committee by Barbara Rook. Seconded by Danni Turnbull. He accepted.

The position of Secretary is vacant.It will be organised within the Committee.


The incoming president, John Sheean took the chair. He moved  that the annual fees remain at $30 for the next year. This was seconded by Flo Flett and passed.


There were 2 notices of motion to the AGM. These are attached.

Jill Causley’s motion was discussed and carried. 

Tony Bowden’s motion was in 3 parts. The president suggested that the third part of the motion should not be dealt with at the AGM because it falls within the jurisdiction of the elected Committee, so it is now a suggested topic for the next Committee meeting.

Frank Campbell spoke against Motions 1&2 and put forward an amendment to the motion,: That we hold 1 session on Tuesdays. The amendment was defeated.

Part1 and Part 2 of Tony Bowden’s motions were subsequently carried.


Alan Turnbull pointed out that we are required to have a Public Officer. Jill Causley nominated Alan for the position. This was seconded by Frank Campbell and carried.

Annie Green made a suggestion for the incoming committee that we try to seat visitors north/south so they avoid sit outs.

Flowers were presented to Flo Flett, retiring from the position of Vice President, Julie Burley, retiring Secretary and Jill Causley retiring President.

The meeting closed at 4.15pm. 

Members were invited to stay behind for a glass of wine.


Motion 1. Formalise that we continue with 2 sessions on Tuesdays.

Motion 2. Tweak the starting time for the Tuesday morning session to 9.40am start. Players to arrive by 9.30am. Finishing time 12.20/12.25pm. With the aim to play a minimum of 24 boards in both Tuesday sessions. The finishing time for the afternoon session could be set for 3.30/3.35. This would allow those doing the dealing to be finished by 4.15pm.

Motion 3. Nominate co-ordinating officers.

Director who is responsible for ensuring, that where possible, a director will be available for each session. Train any interested person who would like to learn to set up and assist with the running of a bridge session. Will give us greater depth and a better understanding for those involved.

Dealing co-ordinator who will ensure that at least 2 people are available to do the dealing each week. Also to train any interested persons to operate and clean the dealing equipment.