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Voucher Notice


There seems to be some misunderstanding about the use of play vouchers.

Please note that the current, pale green, play vouchers can still be bought and used.

Only the old, pale blue, vouchers which were sold in books of 11 for the price of 10 will not be accepted after the end of 2014.

Theory Classes

The club will be holding first year lessons starting in September can any member who knows someone who would like to start bridge please let them know.  Details will appear on the notice board shortly.



Friday Evening

See the 'Future Events' entry for information relating to Friday Evening Bridge and all other events during the year.

  Hills Trophy

Hills Trophy

The next event for the the club is the Hills Trophy for teams to be held at Angmering Community Centre as last year.  The date is Sunday 16th November 2014.  Please support this event.  The price includes a tea and evening meal supplied by John Porteous.  Entry forms will be in the county diary and on the club notice board in due course.

  Friday Evenings




Friday evening Bridge is currently not running but will be reconsidered again in the Autumn for the Winter season

  Weekly Bridge Sessions



2.00 pm & 7.30 pm

Level 4



2.00 pm 

7.30 pm

Level 2

Level 4



7.30 pm

Level 2

2nd Thursday


7.30 pm

Level 4

Except for the teams event on the 2nd Thursday and Simultaneous Pairs, a "Host" will be available, for those of you needing a partner, so come along and enjoy your favourite game of, "Bridge"

The 2nd Thursday team event, is in addition to, the level 2 Duplicate session, on the same evening.


Eileen Perrigo and Judith Musgrove are the organisers :- phone 01903 520540 and 01903 411922

e-mails: eperrigo@hotmail.co.uk and judith@musgroves.us

If a member hosts then s/he gets a free game if a partner comes along and a free play voucher if not.

The current list of hosts is displayed via the menu and on the hall notice board.

If you are unable to host on the day allocated, please find your own replacement and put it on the notice board. Eileen and Judith are not

able to find replacements for you. As a host you either play free using a free play voucher or you receive a free play voucher for use at another time

Need a partner at the last minute???
Ring:    Eileen Perrigo                   520540
              Peter Nursten                   536534
              Jerry Attwood                   709135
              (Monday or Wednesday afternoons)
              Cathy Glendinning    531664
              (not Wednesday afternoon)
Up to 15 minutes before start of play.
  Hosting August 2014
Date Day Host
04-Aug-14 Monday afternoon Judy Ann Cheevers
  Monday evening Tony Lawson
06-Aug-14 Wednesday afternoon Jane Tourell
  Wednesday evening Tom Terry
07-Aug-14 Thursday evening Nigel Roussel
11-Aug-14 Monday afternoon Kathy Langham
  Monday evening Sandie Edmondson
13-Aug-14 Wednesday afternoon Scottie Scott
  Wednesday evening Eileen Perrigo
14-Aug-14 Thursday evening Pat Jones
18-Aug-14 Monday afternoon Maureen Winn
  Monday evening Alexa Baxter
20-Aug-14 Wednesday afternoon Alex Crawford
  Wednesday evening Rosemary Tuddenham
21-Aug-14 Thursday evening David Hughes
25-Aug-14 Monday afternoon BANK HOLIDAY
  Monday evening BANK HOLIDAY
27-Aug-14 Wednesday afternoon Valerie Conway
  Wednesday evening Bernie Dalzell
28-Aug-14 Thursday evening Lawrence Chiswell
  September 2014 Hosting rota
01-Sep-14 Monday afternoon     Caroline Kemp
  Monday evening Pat Farrell
03-Sep-14 Wednesday afternoon Jeremy Attwood
  Wednesday evening Brenda Brooks
04-Sep-14 Thursday evening Jack Woodard
08-Sep-14 Monday afternoon     Denise Ireland
  Monday evening Anne Goldsworthy
10-Sep-14 Wednesday afternoon Hilde Collins
  Wednesday evening Valerie Benson
11-Sep-14 Thursday evening Lizzie Hornsey
15-Sep-14 Monday afternoon     Alexa Baxter
  Monday evening Patricia Sclanders
17-Sep-14 Wednesday afternoon Marion Page
  Wednesday evening Lynda Smith
18-Sep-14 Thursday evening Eileen Perrigo
22-Sep-14 Monday afternoon     Wendy Muncy
  Monday evening Barbara Miles
24-Sep-14 Wednesday afternoon John Hardy
  Wednesday evening Betty Powell
25-Sep-14 Thursday evening Janet Cretchley
29-Sep-14 Monday afternoon     Pauline Allison
  Monday evening Ken Bayes
  October Hosting Rota
01-Oct-14 Wed afternoon Yvonne Bradbury-White
  Wed evening Gillian Mayhew
02-Oct-14 Thursday evening Nigel Rousel
06-Oct-14 Mon afternoon Pam Callaghan
  Mon evening Tony Lawson
08-Oct-14 Wed Afternoon Denise Ireland
  Wed evening Rosemary Tuddenham
09-Oct-14 Thursday evening Pam Jones
13-Oct-14 Mon afternoon Neil Fairburn
  Mon evening Brenda Brookes
15-Oct-14 Wed afternoon Caroline Kemp
  Wed evening Sally Lawson
16-Oct-14 Thurs evening Muriel Waller
20-Oct-14 Mon afternoon Kathy Langham
  Monday evening Pat Farrell
22-Oct-14 Wed afternoon Alex Crawford
  Wed evening  Eileen Perrigo
23-Oct-14 Thursday evening Arthur Wilson
27-Oct-14 Mon afternoon Duncan McFarlane
  Mon evening Sandie Edmonson
29-Oct-14 Wed afternoon Wendy Muncey
  Wed evening Linda Smith
30-Oct-14 Thurs evening Jack Woodard
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Thu 21st Aug 2014
Simple Systems inc Palmer Cup
Wed 20th Aug 2014
Barnacle Cup
Wed 20th Aug 2014
Eve Harrison Salver
Mon 18th Aug 2014
Basil Marks Cup
Mon 18th Aug 2014
Goff Goulding Cups
Mon 25th Aug 2014
Basil Marks Cup
Mon 25th Aug 2014
Goff Goulding Cups
Wed 27th Aug 2014
Barnacle Cup
Wed 27th Aug 2014
Eve Harrison Salver
Thu 28th Aug 2014
Simple Systems inc Palmer Cup
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