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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

October 1st........Heather Furness                      January 7th...Keith Longstaff  

              8th.......Marian Greenhow                                14th...Reg Ayres

              15th ....Dorothy Kirkby                                    21st...Heather Furness 

              22nd ...Doreen Wise                                         28th...Marian Greenhow

              29th.....George Jackson                       February 4th...Dorothy Kirkby      

Nov        5th......Renee Usher                                          11th..Doreen Wise

              12th.....Keith Longstaff                                     18th..George Jackson

              19th.....Reg Ayres                                              25th..Renee Usher

                                                                              March 4th...Keith Longstaff          

              26th.....Heather Furness                                     11th..Reg Ayres 

Dec        3rd.......Marian Greenhow                                  18th..Heather Furness

             10th ....Dorothy Kirkby                                       25th..Marian Greenhow

             17th....Doreen Wise                               April      1st....Dorothy Kirkby

                                                                                           8th...Doreen Wise

                                                                                          15th..George Jackson

                                                                                          22nd..Renee Usher

                                                                                          29th...Keith Longstaff

                                                                           May        6th.....Reg Ayres

                                                                                          13th...Heather Furness 

                                                                                          20th...Marian Greenhow

                                                                                           27th. Dorothy Kirkby         

                                                                           June        3rd....Doreen Wise

                                                                                           10th.George Jackson

                                                                                           17th..Renee Usher

                                                                                           24th.Keith Longstaff


Last updated : 2nd Oct 2013 11:31 BST

Intermediate Bridge Class - Sunday 5th September

The event was a huge success, attended by over 40 players, of all abilities. The participants came from various local bridge clubs.

We now are experts on various aspects of NO TRUMP PLAY including SWOT analysis, Rule of 7, Rule of 11, Leads, 1NT overcall, the implications of a lead of 2 of a suit, Extended Stayman and Quantitative Responses of 4NT and 5NT.

It was a most enjoyable event and I am sure play will be enhanced as a consequence.

Our thanks to Alan and Carol James for their excellent teaching and organisation (Carol does have her hands full keeping Alan in check!!) ; Anne Breakey for all her hard work making the event possible and anyone else who lent a hand.
Handout available from the club.

We look forward to the next instalment.

Last updated : 14th Sep 2010 19:37 BST