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Roll of honour 2014/15

Championship Teams - Stewart Fishburne, Mike Willoughby, Ian Thompson, Simon Harrison  (Draw)

Championship Pairs - Roger Bowles & Simon Harrison (Full results)

Ron Allen Cup (Garden Cities Qualifier) - Worcester (Jimmy Ledger & David Thomas, Richard Jephcott & John Sansom, Roger Bowles & Simon Harrison, Mel Downing & Ross Garratt) (Full results)

Masterpoint Champion - Stewart Fishburne (Full results)

Non-Expert Champion - Carrolleannea Philp (Full results)

Pairs Ladder - Mike Willoughby & Stewart Fishburne (Full results)

Club Championship Pairs - Suzanne Griffin & Rufus Ulyet (Droitwich Bridge Club) (Full results)

WCBA Charity Rubber Bridge K.O. Competition - Martyn Hills & Glen Thorney 

Phillipps Qualifier - John Sansom & Richard Jephcott (Full results)

Phillipps Final - Maureen Ledger & Mike Vetch (Full Results

Final League Positions

Seniors Pairs - Simon Harrison & David Thomas (Full results)

Veterans Pairs - Jennifer Romer & Heather Westcott (Full results)

Irene Allen Swiss Pairs - Paul Slater & Martin Gill (Full results) Richard  Lewis Trophy - Steve Simmons & Liz Smith

Chairman's Cup - Steve Simmons & Barry Tyrrell (Full results)

Mixed Teams (Bill Dalman Trophy) - Eddy & Jette Blackburn, Dick & Jane Rutter  (Full Results)

Mixed Pairs - Jane Morton & Stewart Fishburne (Full results

Ladies Pairs - Joyce Skelton & Georgina Lineker (Full results)

Men's Pairs - Simon Harrison & Brian Stanley (Full results)

Grand Prix Teams - Worcester Grant (Sue Evans, Dennis Loynes, Jean & Jessie Newton)  (Full details)

Inter Club Teams - Droitwich (Nick & Steph Forward, Dennis Loynes, Sue Evans, Jette & Eddy Blackburn) (Full details)