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Dawes League
Results of County Matches in the Midlands Inter-County League which consists of 3 Divisions playing for the Dawes, Porter & Markham Trophies respectively.



Link to Dawes table in League Management System


Link to Porter table in League Management System


Link to Markham table in League Management System



Fixtures & Results


Round 1 - 9th September 2018 Results
  Re-arranged dates Dawes Porter Markham
Nottingham v Derby        
Leicester v Gloucester        
Staffs/Shrops v Oxford        
Warwick v Worcester        
Round 2 - 7th October 2018        
Worcester v Gloucester        
Leicester v Nottingham        
Derby v Staffs/Shrops        
Oxford v Warwick        
Round 3 - 11th November 2018        
Worcester v Derby        
Staffs/Shrops v Leicester        
Warwick v Nottingham        
Gloucester v Oxford        
Round 4 - 9th December 2018        
Nottingham v Staffs/Shrops        
Leicester v Warwick        
Derby v Gloucester        
Oxford v Worcester        
Round 5 - 13th January 2019        
Oxford v Derby        
Worcester v Leicester        
Gloucester v Nottingham        
Warwick v Staffs/Shrops        
Round 6 - 10th February 2019        
Staffs/Shrops v Gloucester        
Leicester v Oxford        
Derby v Warwick        
Nottingham v Worcester        
Round 7 - 14th April 2019        
Derby v Leicester        
Oxford v Nottingham        
Worcester v Staffs/Shrops        
Gloucester v Warwick        




Selected teams and results for Worcestershire