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Closed Teams
Closed Teams 2013-14


Nick Forward, Steve Allerston, Brett Welch, Clive Finney, David Thomas

Stewart Fishburne, Mike Willoughby, Ian Thompson, Simon Harrison

Mike Vetch, Robert Chilimonczyk, Terry Collins, David Waide

Ian Argyle, Monica Parker, Heather Westcott, Jennifer Romer, Paul Webley

Dick Rutter, Jane Rutter, Eddy & Jette Blackburn

Richard Jephcott, John Sansom, Pam Pearce, Brian Stanley, Ross Garratt

Linda Gervis, Paul Tapster, Tony Gervis, Paul Greaves

Dennis Loynes, Ray Foulds, Jean Newton, Jessie Newton, Sue Evans


Quarter Final   Semi Final   Final  
v   Forward      
    v   Rutter  
v   Rutter      
        v Rutter
v   Fishburne      
    v   Fishburne  
v   Jephcott      


The first named team in each quarter-final match is the home team. For the semi-finals if both teams were the home team or both teams were the away team in their quarter-finals then they will toss to decide who is the home team. If one team was the home team and one was the away team in their quarter-finals then they shall swap so that the team that was the away team for their quarter-final will become the home team for the semi-final. For the final the two Captains will toss to decide who is the home team with the Captain winning the toss having the choice of home or away. For full regulations see Rules of Competition

Dates for completion of each round

Quarter Final - 31st December 2013

Semi Final - 28th February 2014

Final - 23rd April 2014