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Welcome to Worcester Bridge Club

Our Wednesday Party will take place on Wednesday 5th December at Claines; note the EARLY START time: 7.10pm.

Tickets can be purchased from Janette at Tue or Wed sessions, or by email,  The price is £7, to include Supper, Bridge, a free drink, free raffle and prizes!

The final Try-Duplicate of the year will be incorporated, also with prizes: ticket-purchase essential.

Tuesday's Party will be another CAFE event, at Elgar's Restaurant as last year, on Tuesday 18th December, meeting at 10.45am for 11am start. Tickets are £10, to include a voucher for £8 to spend at the cafe during the day. again, there will be PRIZES!! Contact George, at Tue or Wed sessions, or by email on

WBC and Romorantin, France!
WBC and Romorantin, France!

On 22nd October, we welcomed M Alain Gillier, Hon President of the Bridge Club Romorantin in the Loire Valley: he was visiting with Steve and Marie, to form a Bridge "Exchange" partnership.  They played three sessions of Bridge, and on Wed 24th, we had a formal signing of accords between the two clubs at Claines.

Now it's time to indicate your interest in joining the first visit to Romorantin: you can do so by completing the attached "initial interest form".

More pics from the event can be found here.

A VIDEO greeting from M Gillier can be viewed here.


Photos are here - many thanks to Maureen for her organisation, and to Freda and team for the fantastic food!

Next Robson date: Fri 16th October 2020!


20th September 2018: Rufus, Trish, Ele, Sheila, Dennis and Andy O'H, putting Bridge and Worcester on the map via the BBC!

Listen (asap!) on this iPlayer radio link:

16m25 for the Rowdies (Rufus, Ele, Sheila, Trish and Dennis) (approx 5 mins); 25m15, where Kate actually describes us as "Bridge-Playing Dudes/The Rabble!"...

38m30 for the Chairman... (another 5 mins) (ignoring the debate about whether Bridge is related to Cribbage); Andy O'Hare with the top quotes of the day at 53m55... (another 4 mins)

Tip of the Week!

Last week's tip now added to the tip-so-far list, on the left-hand menu...


That red card in your box is there to help you: the Americans have stopped using it, but it remains in force in UK, so let's try to make it work!

1) The main idea is that when you JUMP in the auction, your opponent (LHO) might be taken unawares, and need a little more time to think. The STOP card thus allows you to give LHO a short period of extra thinking time. So you should put the STOP card down, make your bid, then wait 10-12 seconds before putting the STOP card away.

2) Now, the opponent (LHO) should also observe this process, ie LHO should wait until you put the STOP card away - and should NOT spend the 10-12 seconds clutcuhing the green pass card, as if to say "I'm not really thinking!"

The benefit is that it can help to ovoid those situations where it is suggested that your pause has given your partner Unauthorised Information.

Beginners' Bridge this autumn

New to Bridge? Looking for classes? Follow this link to find classes, all over Worcestershire; the HoW Beginners' course starts on Tuesday; and there are various other classes available for improvers and intermediates.


Beginners' Bridge this autumn
Carol Glover, RIP

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Carol Glover, who passed away in hospital on Friday. Carol had recently become a regular at Tuesday afternoon sessions.

Janette visited her in hospital on Wednesday, with a card and good wishes from the Club.

Fred Rochelle, RIP

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Fred Rochelle, a much-loved and well-respected member of the Club for many years.

It was a always a pleasure to play with Fred, and we were delighted that he was able to return to play at both Tuesday and Wednesday sessions in the last year.

His funeral was held at Worcester Crematorium on Friday 27th July, at 12:15pm.

Mixed Pairs 2018

The Mixed Pairs Championships was a real cliff-hanger, with three different pairs leading during the last five minutes; in the end first place was a tie (not splittable) between Maureen & Jimmy and Sue & Dennis. Congratulations to all four; and well done to Dennis who has kept a hand on the trophy for the fourth consecutive year!

Third place was also tied, between Jane & Dick and Lyn & Paul.

Tuesday Daytime Bridge is One Year Old!

This week sees the first anniversary of Tuesday Bridge; remember that we have a special offer of a FREE SESSION at Tuesday Bridge for all WBC members, (whether they usually play on Tue, Wed, or both): just come along (with a friend?) and claim your free game.

This offer is not transferable, but is available until the end of September.

We hope to see you any Tuesday soon...,

Tuesday Daytime Bridge is One Year Old!
  • Cafe April
  • Cafe April 10
  • Cafe April 11
  • Cafe April 13
  • Cafe April 5
  • Cafe April 6
  • Cafe April 7
  • Cafe April 8
  • Cafe April 9
  • Cafe April 9a
  • Cafe April 9b
  • Cafe April 9c
  • Cafe April 9d
  • Cafe April 9e
  • Cafe April 9f
  • Cafe April 9g
  • Cafe April 9h
  • Cafe April 9i

A good day was had by all at Caffe Bolero; five tables played a full all-play-all movement, and had a very nice lunch + a few coffees and cakes! Prizes went to Martin Gill, Andy + Lollie, and to the "wooden-spooners", Batman and Superman!

Players were generous in their donations to Acorns Children's Hospice, and, with a little extra from the event surplus, we raised £125 for our charity.

We hope to have another "multi-café" event in September!

Privacy and Data Protection

Many thanks to all who have completed GDPR forms; we now have nearly all members' forms completed now. Trish won the prize for the first completed one!

What GDPR means for you is summarised on WBC Privacy Policy Summary which you can find here, and our full policy can be viewed here.

If you have not yet completed a form, you can download the  blank PDF from here; First SAVE the PDF to your desktop, then RE-OPEN it, tick the boxes and fill in the details. Then email back to Mike (

Annual General Meeting 2018

The AGM took place on Wed 21st February; trophies for 2017 were presented; photos by Andy O'Hare below!


  • Table money was increased from £2-50 to £3-00 for members, & from £3-50 to £4-00 for guests (no change for Juniors) tea/coffee, +biscuits (Wed) and cake(Tue) included:
  • Wednesday start time remains at 7-30pm, BUT: a) please be seated by 7-25pm to help directors and scorers to ensure a prompt start; b) call ahead if you are delayed - we can TRY to fit you in, but cannot guarantee; c) the Committee will look at all possible ways of ensuring that we play at a good pace and plenty of boards
  • Please note that slight changes have been made to the MAY 2018 calendar to get as close as possible to the traditional pattern of P nights on the 2nd and 4th/5th Weds of the month - check website, which is now updated

  • Committee: the 2017 Committee were all re-elected, except that Tim Keates has stood down, whilst continuing with many of his duties!
  • Newly elected to the Committee were: John Dowbiggin; David Waide; and Janette Torrance: Welcome!
  • AGM2018 Jane and Marian Christmas party winners
  • AGM2018 Jimmy Collects One of three trophies
  • AGM2018 Josie celebrates her TryDuplicate win
  • AGM2018 Mark presents the Champ Teams to Dick Jane Mike and Tim
  • AGM2018 Maureen and Jane win the Ladies Pairs
  • AGM2018 Officers of the Club
  • AGM2018 Trophies
  • AGM2018 Vote of Thanks
  • Dennis collects the Mens Pairs Trophy
  • Dennis collects the Mixed Pairs Trophy
Roger Bowles Bridge Library

Members might like to know more about the Roger Bowles Bridge Library.

After Roger's tragic death in Dec 2015, his widow donated his extensive collection of Bridge books to us; it was agreed that these should be managed by the County Bridge Association, and they are stored by Martin Gill.  The full list of some 125 titles (both educational and humorous) can be found here, along with Martin Gill's contact details.

We have a small "taster" selection at Claines for people to see, and books can also be booked out from there, using the notebook to record borrowing and return.

Get reading!!


WED 13th: (RBL Claines): Well done to Jane and Marian, who won the Wed Xmas Party with an impressive 64%.  Thanks to Jimmy for his Directing etc, and to Caroline for excellent food again! Photos below.

TUESDAY 19th: CAFE Party, Elgar's in Reindeer Court: went ahead as planned and a good time was had by all (8 full tables); winners were Martin (G) and Mike, just ahead of Sue (T) and Martin (P), with Sue (E) and Richard in 3rd place; the mini-toblerones were won by David and Peter.

We also collected £24-18 (and a US dime!) for our Cafe charity, Acorns Hospice.

Christmas Party (Part Two)
  • Xmascafe01
  • Xmascafe02
  • Xmascafe03
  • Xmascafe04
  • Xmascafe05
  • Xmascafe06
  • Xmascafe07
  • Xmascafe08
  • Xmascafe09
  • Xmascafe10
  • Xmascafe11

Rather grainy pics - I think some food must have got on the lens!

Christmas Party (Part One)
  • Jane and Marian win the trophy Xmas17
  • Xmas1701
  • Xmas1702
  • Xmas1703
  • Xmas1704
  • Xmas1705
  • Xmas1706
  • Xmas1707
  • Xmas1708
  • Xmas1709
  • Xmas1710
  • Xmas1711

Thanks to Andy O'Hare for the photos!

Worcester Café Bridge! 21st September
  • Cafe Bridge Boleros
  • Cafe Bridge Boleros 3
  • Cafe Bridge Briefing
  • Cafe Bridge Elgars
  • Club/Cafe Bridge in the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at Elgars
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at Elgars 3
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch in the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge On the menu
  • Cafe Bridge Playing in Boleros
  • Cafe Bridge waiting for results
  • Cafe Bridge with Elliott Webb

Well, that was fun! Well done to Lorna and Rufus (Winners), Pam and Sheila (2nd) and Andy and Richard (3rd); indeed to all, for making it such an enjoyable day, played in the best spirit.

Still a few sums to do, but we raised approximately £150 for Acorns too.

Lots of good publicity for the event and the game of Bridge, as Mike was grilled by his former pupil Elliott Webb on BBC H&W; 

1) An early morning call, before the event, listen here at approx 1hr 55m20:

2) A neat bit of video editing on FaceBook: (1400 views and counting - will we go viral??)

3) More on Friday morning's show,  - scroll to 51 mins; including a nice interview with Sharon at the table.

MANY thanks from Mike to all the helpers, Tim, Andy, George, Peter, Dick, Mike W, and to Sue and Denn for coming along as back-up pair.

More pics to follow...

New to Worcester? New to Bridge? Just Visiting?...

♠ If you are looking for a game of Duplicate Bridge, we would like to think you have come to the right place... 

 Just click HERE for details on how to start playing at Worcester Bridge  Club!♣  smiley

Daytime Bridge - UP and Running!
  • Hallow1
  • Hallow2
  • Hallow3
  • Hallow4
  • Hallow5
  • Hallow7
  • Hallow8
  • Hallow9

Our first Daytime Bridge session took place on Tuesday 20th June, with six full tables, and plenty of laughs and cakes! A fine win for Grahame and Tony... Session Two saw hosts Denn and Sue outscore Grahame and Tony; and another six and a half tables!

Next week, same time same place: HALLOW Parish Hall, starting at 1pm; please be there for 12-45pm, but bring table money! (£2-50 members, £3-50 guests - but you can join on the spot for £3-00!)  Do bring friends and guests - we will always have a host! 

To ensure that we can be as welcoming as possible, we still need offers of HOSTING; and if you cannot help in any other way, why not offer to bring along a home-made cake or tray bake?

Full calendar, results, rotas and venue details are available on this site: look for the DAYTIME menu to get started!

Welcome to Worcester Bridge Club

We play:

at Royal British Legion Club, Cornmeadow Lane, Claines, WR3 7PL, every Wednesday

Start time 7.15 for 7.30.   

and at Hallow Parish Hall, Hallow Worcester, WR2 6PE, every Tuesday;

Start time 12-50pm for 1pm.

Visitors welcome, and host system in operation, for both venues

Welcome to Worcester Bridge Club
Try-Duplicate and Intermediate Bridge
Try-Duplicate and Intermediate Bridge

Our Intermediate Bridge sessions were to some extent a victim of their own success: after three highly productive years, almost all the "Inters" moved up into the Main Room and/or at our Tuesday sessions, or  started playing at other clubs; we are fully committed to the idea of providing Bridge to suit all levels, and will be happy to run/resume Inter sessions if a viable number of newcomers come through; or as an extension of the Try-Duplicate section.

Try-Duplicate sessions continue to take place on the first Wednesday of each month: here we have fewer boards (15-18) and a host to help players throughout the session.  Visitors are welcome, and there is no extra charge for these sessions: all players pay £2-50 table money.  It is most helpful if you are able to let Mike know beforehand if you are coming, so that we can make up full tables easily.

Some of our old Inters/Try-Dup players have found that the "next step" for them is Tuesday afternoon Bridge (see Daytime tab for details): these are held at Hallow Parish Hall at 1pm; the pace is a little gentler, and of course these sessions are becoming famous for the cakes which people bring along!

Latest Results News

Email Mike on or Andy on if you have any queries

This message board has been set up for people to post requests for partners, or other messages

You may prefer to contact Mike ( for a short-term fix: I may be able to mail-shot members.

Quick view results/calendar

The boxes below provide a quick link to  recent results and the next few weeks' calendar; please use the left-hand menu for fuller details!

Champ Pairs Play-off
Director: NPTD: Mike Heard
Scorer: Paul Hammond
Open Pairs
Director: Mike Heard
Scorer: Paul Hammond
Daytime Pairs
Director: Terry
Scorer: Mike Vetch
Xmas Party (7:10pm)
Director: Jimmy Ledger
Scorer: Mike Vetch
18th Dec 2018
Cafe Party Elgar's
Elgar's 11am
Director: Martin P
Scorer: John D
Host: No host
19th Dec 2018
Pairs (I) (Last I)
Director: Sue Lane
Scorer: Paul Hammond
Host: Sean Richardson
25th Dec 2018
26th Dec 2018
1st Jan 2019
2nd Jan 2019
Pairs (I)
Director: Helen Cameron
Scorer: Paul Tapster
Host: Linda Gervis