Committee Meeting

The next Committee Meeting

27th September 2018 at 5:30pm

Charity Bridge Events
Nottingham Headway

We raised £1100

Nottingham Headway

Children in Need

We raised £144


Over £74,100 by ECats

Teenage Cancer Trust

We raised £780.27

Kidney Research Sim Pairs 2016

Results uploaded to
ECats web site

Cafe Bridge

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Welcome to Woodborough Bridge Club
Who are we?

WOODBOROUGH BRIDGE CLUB meets every Thursday, 7:00pm at the Village Hall on Lingwood Lane. The Club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union. For those who enjoy a more competitive game the Club have successful teams in the Nottinghamshire County League: One Team of Eight in each of the three divisions, and two Teams of Four in the top division. During the year the Club takes part in a couple of national Simultaneous Pairs competitions. There is on site car parking and excellent disabled access.

We charge £2.00 a night for members, or £3.00 for guests, which includes refreshments.

We very much welcome new members. If you would like to come along we do suggest you contact either the Chairperson (via e-mail) or the Secretary beforehand. We will do our best to arrange for a partner if you do not have one.





Wednesday 28th November 2018

12 noon in Woodborough Village Hall

Money raised £1100



Cafe Bridge Antwerp

Congratulations to Steve and Toni who finished 18 out of 600 pairs

Correction Period

Correction Period

Law 79 states that an error in recording, or computing a score, whether by a player or official,

made be made by default within 30mins of the official score being made available for inspection.

Woodborough Directors have agreed this to be extended to 24 hours from June 2018.

A later request to amend a score will not be accepted so please review your results promptly.

This change was announced at  club night.

Charity Bridge Drive



For the third year running we are holding a friendly duplicate bridge drive to support the work of a local charity; this year we are raising money for Headway Nottingham.
Headway is a locally started charity which helps to improve life after a brain injury.
Our event was held on Wednesday 29th November; 12 noon in Woodborough Village Hall.

Nottingham Headway

Raised £1100.00  for Headway Nottingham


Below is guidance on the use of Bridgemates from the EBU (White Book)

Bridgemate protocol The following is published in EBU competition programmes regarding the use of Bridgemates:
North (or South) is responsible for entering the contract and result into the Bridgemate, and East (or West) must be shown it to verify its accuracy by pressing the ACCEPT button.
It is best to enter the contract, declarer and lead at the end of the auction – this saves time, reduces the risk of entering the wrong board number, and ensures the lead is fresh in your mind. 
Entering the lead accurately not only provides extra information of interest to players, but can also assist the scorer in resolving errors of data entry.
It is an offence to attempt to access the TD screen or change a score in the Bridgemate without calling the TD.

If a score is entered and accepted;
If the sitting pair at a table does not check they have the right opponents this merits a warning only for the first offence. Making a board unplayable by scoring on the electronic scorer against the wrong board number and seeing the results from a board not yet played is scored AVE-/AVE- assuming both pairs had the chance to stop the error (N/S when scoring, E/W when agreeing the score).  Exception to this may be made, for example a new Pair / Visitor that have not used Bridgemates before.


MONDAY BRIDGE CLUB is a social Bridge Club that plays on a Monday afternoon in The Institute, Roe Lane Woodborough. They play for approximatley 2 hours starting at 13:30.

The cost is £1. If you would like to come along please contact John Glass Tel:9654929. It is advisable to come with a partner.
Many players who go to the Monday Group also attend the Thursday Club.

The club is not affiliadted to the EBU and does not issue Master Points.

The Institute, Roe Lane, Woodborough, NG14 6BW.

NCBA December Newsletter

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Master Points

See Master Point List on EBU site

Please note Mondays results are not published.

13th December 2018
Village Hall 19:00
Director: Ray Furlonger
17th December 2018
Institute, Roe Lane 13.30
Director: John Glass
20th December 2018
Duplicate - Christmas Party
Village Hall 19:00
Director: Toni Smith
24th December 2018
Institute, Roe Lane 13.30
Director: John Glass