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The March ecats special charity event raised £150 for RNLI


Woburn Sands Bridge Club is supporting an after school bridge club at St. Mary’s Wavendon CofE Primary School. The programme is based on the “Starter Bridge” format, which the children have taken to enthusiastically. All the boys enjoy the bridge sessions and there is a great deal of competition to win the league. This programme will continue into the 2017/2018 academic year.

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Pairs: Mon 16th April & Wed 18th April - Monday bridge extended to May/June
Woburn Sands Bridge Club

Woburn Sands is a friendly Bridge Club that meets at St. Mary's Church Hall, Aspley Hill in Woburn Sands MK17 8NN. The Church Hall is a spacious venue with its own car park. There are two sessions

  •  Wednesday Evenings 6.45pm for a prompt 7.00pm start (to 10.00pm)
  • Monday Afternoons    12.45pm for a prompt 1.00pm start (to 4.00pm)

The hands are randomly generated by computer and dealt using a PlayBridgeDealer4+ machine. The purchase of the machine and associated material (cards and boards) has been supported by funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation (click here for further information and a demonstration).

Results are collated using Bridge Tab App on Lenovo tablets and reported on this website usually the following day together with details of the hands played.

We are not as yet affiliated to the EBU and cannot issue Master-points

 Members are welcome to bring a guest and other Visitors are welcome and requested to make contact in advance. Please contact  Phil Armitage 01908  584473

Director's Hand of the Week 18th April

East opens 1♠ , South passes, West bids 2 and North has to decide to get to 4 quickly or slowly! The perfect result would to be in 4 D (and making!) but wary of pushing EW into a making 4♠ . Decides to jump to 4 and see if he can steal the contract. East passes, South passes and West bids 4♠ as feared. North passes, East passes and South decides to compete with 5 which runs to East who bids 5♠ doubled by North. The play is unremarkable losing a club, heart and spade which is a good sacrifice as 4 should make. Nobody found the making 5 EW!

Looking for a Regular or Occasional Partner?

If you're looking for either a regular or an occasional partner, or are perhaps willing to be contacted when someone else is looking, there are two options.

One. Just click on the Membership tab opposite left and log into the secure Members'Area with your own email address and password.

Select 'New Message' and how long you want it listed for.  It's then very easy to either compose your own message, or use any of the standard message templates from the drop-down menu, which can only be seen by other clubmembers also logged into the Members'Area.

Two. Anyone who needs a partner may also get in touch either by email or telephone

  - by Tuesday  for a partner on Wednesday 

 - by Friday for a partner on Monday.

with Phil Armitage (01908 584473), or failing that with any other of the Committee members .

Bad Weather: Checking we are playing
Bad Weather:  Checking we are playing

If there is any reason for not playing on a particular date (typically adverse weather conditions due to ice or snow)  Club Officers will make a decision 

     no later than 3.00pm on Wednesdays and no later than 11.00am on Mondays

This page on the WSBC website will be updated with the details before these times.

If in any doubt, please click here to contact any one of the Committee members after 3.00pm on Wednesdays.

2017/18 Club Membership. Annual subscription due on 6th September
The new Club Membership year begins on 1 September 2017
Renewing club members will have their website registration automatically extended for another year.
The annual subscription is £10 per person, or £5 for those joining on or after 1 March 2018.
Persons wishing to become members of the Club can apply for Membership after playing in two sessions as Visitors.
Membership allows access to the 'Members Only' area of this website and entry into all club competitions.
Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

2017 LAWS OF DUPLICATE BRIDGE The Club will adopt the 2017 Laws from Wednesday 2nd August

A copy of the new Laws can be downloaded from

This page also includes an informed commentary. Two of the new laws are described below.

Law 7

A. When a board is to be played it is placed in the centre of the table where it shall remain, correctly oriented, until play is completed

B. No player shall touch any cards other than his own during or after play except by permission of an opponent or the Director.

Law 68     Claims and Concessions

After any claim or concession, play is suspended (NOT as previously ceases).
1. The claim or concession can be agreed; or

2. If it is doubted by any player (dummy included); either

(a) the Director may immediately be summoned; or

(b) upon the request of the non-claiming or non-conceding side, play may continue subject to all four players agreeing and the score subsequently obtained shall stand.

If they agree to playing on there is no redress at the end of the hand. TDs also need to be clear that playing on is not an option when they are called to sort things out.

Playing & Scoring

For more information on the following CLICK
Announcements (1NT etc)
 IMPs & Matchpoint  Scoring


MP Pairs
Director: Peter Bellingham
Scorer: Graham Robinson
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Dorothy Blackburn
Scorer: Dorothy Blackburn
MP Pairs
Director: Andrew
Scorer: Andrew
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Dorothy Blackburn
Scorer: Dorothy Blackburn
Mon 23rd Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Dorothy Blackburn
Wed 25th Apr 2018
IMP Pairs
Director: Ian Black
Scorer: Ruby Powell
Mon 30th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Dorothy Blackburn
Wed 2nd May 2018
MP Pairs
Director: John Scott
Scorer: Norman Wilkes
Mon 7th May 2018
no bridge
Wed 9th May 2018
MP Pairs
Director: Andrew Powell
Scorer: Ruby Powell