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The Partner Finding service has been launched (see boxes in the top RH corner of the Home page. We would encourage Members looking for a partner to register their interest in the Members Area. Thank you.

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Bob Taylor Trophy
Bob Taylor Trophy


Congratulations to
Ros & David Lawrence 
Winners of the

Bob Taylor Trophy. 
This was a handicap event held on Jan 23rd.
They achieved a high score of 62.41%.
 Well done to them both.

The Committee has received very positive feedback on the new scoring system that was recently introduced. 

The 7" Android tablets have a bright clear screen (see picture in the side panels), and are very user friendly.

It's early days but, even with a complicated movement, we appear to be finishing by 10:30pm which in part is due to the improved efficiency of the new system and is a welcome outcome for everyone.

Duplicate Pairs - Monthly Handicap
Director: David Lawrence
Scorer: Peter White
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Peter White
Scorer: Larry Doyle
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Chris Maskell
Scorer: Larry Doyle
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Larry Doyle
Scorer: Martin Pritchett
Mon 26th Mar 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Mon 2nd Apr 2018
Bank Holiday
Mon 9th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Peter
Scorer: Martin
Mon 16th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: David
Scorer: Larry