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Many Windermere players are involved in the two teams entered this year.  The fourth (last) match is on 6th October.  Good luck John and Jeremy,  Pat and Mark, Philip and Sally.  The  B and C teams are both 'looking upwards' to improve!



Charity Event Sat 20th October Directed by John E
Charity Event Sat 20th October  Directed by John E
International Night at Windermere
International Night at Windermere
Russ and Robin have the right percentage!
Russ and Robin have the right percentage!
The Match that Matters!
The Match that Matters!

Westmorland had a convincing win over Cumbria on Sunday 24th June.

Some very good performances and an excellent tea, well done.


Fifth Friday events
Individual system sheet

In an individual competition everybody plays the same system all the time (even if you happen to play with your regular partner(s)).Therefore no announcing or alerting is necessary.

Opening 1NT = 12 to 14 points

In response to 1NT

No transfers 

2§response to 1NT is Stayman

2¨/©/ª = weak take out, ordering partner to pass          3©/ª = 5-card suit and points for game

2NT = 11 or 12 HCP, balanced

3§/¨ = strong and unbalanced with long suit.

Defence to 1NT.  Natural. Double is for penalties.

If the opposition double our 1NT, 2§ is not Stayman but is natural.

1NT overcall = 16-18 points with stopper(s) in opponent’s suit.

Responses as if partner had opened 1NT with points adjusted

Opening 2 bids.

2§ = strongest bid - game forcing (except 2§ - 2¨ - 2NT).  2¨ response = negative, <8 points.

2¨/©/ª = strong (8 playing tricks), forcing for one round. 2NT response = negative, <8 pts.

2NT = 20-22 HCP, balanced.  Responses. 3§ = Stayman. 3¨/©/ª = natural and forcing.

Defenceto pre-empts.  Double = take-out.

Doubles of suit bids by the opposition up to 4¨are for take-out except after a  penalty double by partner or if we have agreed a suit.

Jump overcalls are intermediate (6+ card suit, about 11 to 15 points)

Slam Conventions.   

Blackwood- 4NT asking for aces, then 5NT for kings

Gerber (4§for aces, 5§for kings) only immediately after an opening 1NT or 2NT

Cue bids, showing a control after suit is agreed,are permitted.


4th suit forcing: If we have bid three suits naturally, a bid of the fourth suit is artificial and shows a good hand in the context of the bidding so far and orders partner to bid again. A NT bid then shows stopper(s) in the 4th suit.



Standard leads:

Top of honour sequence, 4th highest from long broken suit headed by an honour(s), second highest from a poor suit.

Signals and Discards. 

On partner's lead: high to encourage, low to discourage.

When discarding: high to encourage, low to discourage (only 1st discard is significant).

On declarer's lead: low followed by high = odd number of cards in suit, high followed by low = even number of cards in the suit.