Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive later than 12 minutes

before the start of the session,

please call 

0208 947 0147 

so the director can include you in the numbers. 

Thank you! 



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Sessions for New Players
Sessions for New Players

Supervised Sessions

Once you have completed two terms of Beginner Classes you can play an enjoyable social game of Bridge. And the only way to get better at Bridge is to play! Why not join us at one of our friendly supervised sessions where a Teacher is on hand to help with any questions you have. 

Monday afternoons from 12 noon wth Coffee and Cake . Play starts at 12:30 till 3:00pm.

Friday Evenings from 7.30pm. A great night out with refreshments, including wine and beer, available from the Bar.

Supervised Duplicate

Once you are comfortable at our supervised sessions and have completed our Beginners course you are ready to join a Supervised Duplicate session on Thursday mornings. These sessions are just like the main sessions but run at a slower pace, with a longer amount of time allowed for each board. And a Director is still available for any questions you may have.

Wednesday Evenings until the 29th August and then Thursday Evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm until 20th September 2018.

Thursday mornings from 10:00am till 12:15pm.

And Remember.......

If you don't have a partner? Don't worry!

We have a host at almost all of our beginner sessions who is happy to play with anyone who arrives without a partner.