Wimbledon Bridge Club
Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive later than 12 minutes before the start of the session,

please call 

0208 947 0147 

so the director can include you in the numbers. Thank you! 

GREEN CARD for restricted convention sessions

Please click here to view the Green Card for use on Tuesday and Friday mornings.



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Restricted Systems Sessions
Restricted Systems Sessions

Our Restricted Systems sessions are on Tuesday and Friday morning. These sessions all run the same restrictions regarding bidding. This is to give beginners and less experienced players, the opportunity to ease their way into duplicate bridge without having to cope with the myriad of different systems that they might encounter at an open systems session.

Labelling these evenings as Level 2 or 3 has not proved satisfactory and the Bridge and Ethics committee has, therefore, produced a list of permitted agreements which can be used. This restricted bidding system is based on the system defined in the EBU Orange Book as Level 2, with a few variations. The detail of it can be seen by clicking here.

All players of all standards are welcome at all these sessions, but the list of permitted agreements must be adhered to. Players are also asked not to psyche and calls for the Director should be kept to a minimum.

These rules will not apply at SIMS sessions.