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19th Sep 2018 15:15 BST
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How Results are calculated

In duplicate pairs, which is the version of bridge played at Willcott, scoring is a three step process:


Individual hands are scored and the results recorded on the travellers.

e.g if NS make a vulnerable 3NT they record 600. Traditionally the losers score is left blank but in fact they have scored -600. If a hand is passed out both pairs score 0.


“Match Points” are awarded based on how each pair have done compared to all the other pairs that played the same cards.

The lowest NS scorers are given 0 match points and all other NS pairs are given 2 match points for each pair they beat and 1 match point for any ties. The process is repeated for EW pairs*.

On each hand the bottom NS pair are always those who played the top EW pair so the two scores for matched opponents always add to the same total (2x the number of opponents played e.g for eight tables each pair has 7 opponents 2 x 7 = 14)

The match points for each pair are then summed to give a match point total for the event.


Finally to produce a fair result when some pairs play more hands than others. The match point total for each pair is converted to a percentage. The percentage is the actual match points scored out of the possible maximum match points.


Luckily I just enter the contract and the number of tricks made and the computer works out the rest.


* There is a complication when pairs are awarded an “average” the pairs awarded the average share the points available for the hand. The other players are then scored assuming there was one less table in play and then all players not given an average are given one extra point. In the case of 8 tables, normally scored out of 14 points, the averaged pairs get 7 points each and the other players are scored out of 12 and then have 1 point added. It is as if the averaged pair tie with all other pairs.

So the lowest NS / highest EW score becomes 1 : 13 instead of the normal 0 : 14.

Similarly If some boards are played less often than others then to give all boards an equal wieghting all pairs recieve an exta match point for any shortfall in the number of times the board was played.

There is an even more complex method of correction (used in high level competitions) that needs a computer to apply it called Neuberg scoring - see the EBU site for detail.