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Wigan Bridge Club Cup Competitions 2017/18

WIGAN REPORTER CUP - Pairs 3rd Tuesday in November (21th). Current holders - Des King/Clive Wood

WIGAN & DISTRICT CUP - Teams of 4 3rd Tuesday in January (16th). Current holders - Margaret Roberst/David Antill/Clive Wood/Des King

PRESIDENTS CUP - Pairs  1st Thursday March (1st). Current holders - Des King/Steve Fanning

LADIES TROPHY - Pairs 4th Tuesday April (24h). Current holders - Winifred O' Neill/Judy Ryding 

GENTS TROPHY - Pairs 4th Tuesday April (24th). Current holders - Paul Mercer/Mike O' Leary

MIXED PAIRS TROPHY - Pairs 1st Thursday June (7th). Current holders - Kath Yates/Mike Nicholson

WILD TROPHY - Seeded Teams 1st Thursday July (5th). Current holders - Mary Finch/Clive Wood/Mike Shinn/Paul Mercer

BRIDGEMAN TROPHY - Pairs 3rd Thursday August (16th). Current holders - Mike Nicholson/Des King

PETER LESTER CUP - Pairs 3rd Tuesday September (18th). Current holders - Jean Rosser/John Gooch 

CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS - Pairs; Run on the 3rd Thursday, October-July. Best 5 scores with same partner to qualify.  Curent holders – Kath Yates/Jean Rosser

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON CUP; Run over 12 month, best 10 scores to qualify & can only be won once every five years. Current holders – Betty Pucell/Judith Peace

NON-EXPERT INDIVIDUAL CUP - Current Holder - Dave Reilly

NON-EXPERT CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS - Run on all the assisted play sessions during August. Best 7 results with same partner to qualify  Current holders – Dave Reilly/Pam Rothwell



N.B. The basis for each of our Team competitions above are currently - enter as a pair and then a 'random' draw for team mates; with The Wigan & District being a complete random draw and The Wild Trophy being the top pairs seeded and a randon draw for their team mates, this is to encourage our inexperienced and novice players to participate.