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Club Closure

The club wil be closed on Saturday Evening 17 March for one night only.

There will be no standby on the first Thursday of the month for the forseable future due to illness.

The new standbye List for 2018 is now on the notice board. Please inital when you have read it and feel free to swap with other members if it is not a convenient date for you (with their agreement).

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Wigan Bridge Club Cup Competitions 2017/18

WIGAN REPORTER CUP - Pairs 3rd Tuesday in November (21th). Current holders - Des King/Clive Wood

WIGAN & DISTRICT CUP - Teams of 4 3rd Tuesday in January (16th). Current holders - Margaret Roberst/David Antill/Clive Wood/Des King

PRESIDENTS CUP - Pairs  1st Thursday March (1st). Current holders - Des King/Steve Fanning

LADIES TROPHY - Pairs 4th Tuesday April (24h). Current holders - Winifred O' Neill/Judy Ryding 

GENTS TROPHY - Pairs 4th Tuesday April (24th). Current holders - Paul Mercer/Mike O' Leary

MIXED PAIRS TROPHY - Pairs 1st Thursday June (7th). Current holders - Kath Yates/Mike Nicholson

WILD TROPHY - Seeded Teams 1st Thursday July (5th). Current holders - Mary Finch/Clive Wood/Mike Shinn/Paul Mercer

BRIDGEMAN TROPHY - Pairs 3rd Thursday August (16th). Current holders - Mike Nicholson/Des King

PETER LESTER CUP - Pairs 3rd Tuesday September (18th). Current holders - Jean Rosser/John Gooch 

CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS - Pairs; Run on the 3rd Thursday, October-July. Best 5 scores with same partner to qualify.  Curent holders – Kath Yates/Jean Rosser

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON CUP; Run over 12 month, best 10 scores to qualify & can only be won once every five years. Current holders – Betty Pucell/Judith Peace

NON-EXPERT INDIVIDUAL CUP - Current Holder - Dave Reilly

NON-EXPERT CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS - Run on all the assisted play sessions during August. Best 7 results with same partner to qualify  Current holders – Dave Reilly/Pam Rothwell



N.B. The basis for each of our Team competitions above are currently - enter as a pair and then a 'random' draw for team mates; with The Wigan & District being a complete random draw and The Wild Trophy being the top pairs seeded and a randon draw for their team mates, this is to encourage our inexperienced and novice players to participate.