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Fylde League Teams of 8 Season 2017-18............. Everybody at the club will be watching with interest and wishing the team the best of luck in this their inaugural season

Current Player Pool; Sharman Fanning, Jacqui Harte, Margaret Wilkinson, Judith Peace, Jim Dewey, Clive Wood, Ray Mann, Dave Reilly, Mike Shinn, Gordon Summers, Paul Mercer, Roger Luckhurst, David Antill, Robin Harrison, Judy Ryding, Stuart Ryding.  Possibly maybe pool; Mary Finch, Pat Holleron, David Rigby

We are still on the look out for more players therefore if anyone else is interested please email/contact: Des King on

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Friendly Match A

Thursday 29th June 2017: Friendly Match Away V's Bolton D


Mary Finch/Dave Rigby; Mike Shinn/Bill Poole; Dave Reilly/Gordon Summers; Clive Wood/Jacqui Harte.

Match Report:

Congratulations to the Wigan Team who won this their first friendly match away at the Bolton Club.

It was a very close run contest in the end between 2 evenly match teams. The 1st half saw some of our less experinced players overoming their earlier nerves to take a 20imp lead. But as expected the home side came back strongly in the 2nd half to test out the resolve of the Wigan team which they manage to pass. As when the scores came in we saw the Wigan team just coming out on top by 6imps. This in Fylde League Terms would equate to an 11-9 vp's win.

Friendly Match B

Tuesday 25th July 2017: Friendly Match Away V's Chorley D


Lynn Hayes/Sharman Fanning; Steve Fanning/David Antill; Clive Wood/Jacqui Harte; Gordon Summers/Ray Mann

Match Report

Another fine performance by the team saw them win this their 2nd friendly match. A few last minute changes were needed and a big thank you must go to Jacqui and Gordon who stepped in for Judy and Stuart who had to drop out as Stuart who went to Hospital for a routine check up was kept in overnight (all is relatively fine now with Stu as he is back at home and we are sure it wont be long before he is back at the club playing bridge with us all).

So after a re-jigging of the line up and the original partnerships eventually the above team paired up against the Chorley Team and inspite of these enforced last minute changes into some unfamiliar partnerships (2 of the pairs never having partnered each other before) we saw the Wigan side take a useful 16 imp lead overall (each team of 4 contributing 8 imps each). In the 2nd half after the whole team had managed to settle down and relax into the game they really piled on the pressure to eventually come out comfortable winners by 50 imps overall, which would equate in Fylde League Terms to a 17-3 Vp win.

Friendly Match C

Friday 28th July 2017: Friendly Match Home V's Bolton D.....Kick Off 7.15-7.30pm


Clive Wood/Jim Dewey; Sharman Fanning/Roger Luckhurst; Paul Mercer/Judith Peace; Robin Harrison/Mike Shinn

Match Report

It was a game of 2 halves in the home leg of the friendlies against Bolton as we saw the Wigan Team once again fielding some unfamiliar partnerships in an attempt to give some debut experiences to more players in readiness for the league season to come. The Bolton side also made a couple of changes to their line up from the first match which did the trick as they opened up a convincing half time lead of 54 imps. Heading for a heavy defeat the Wigan Team managed to pull together in the 2nd half, which saw them win this half by 24 imps. But the first half deficit was just a bridge too far as the overall result in the end was a 30 imp win to the Bolton side which equates to a Fylde League Result of 6-14 Vp's.

Friendly Match D

Friday 18th August 2017 Kick Off 7.15 - 7.30pm: Friendly Match Home V's Chorley

Team: Stuart Ryding/Clve Wood; Dave Reilly/Judy Ryding; Paul Mercer/Roger Luckhurst; Robin Harrison/Lynn Hayes

Match Report: Another close match between 2 evenly matched teams saw the visitors fielding 2 pairs; Penny Harling/Tony Langley and Sheila Cordrey/Tony Cordrey who are no strangers to the Wigan Club. Maybe it was  these chnges to their line up from the first leg that did the trick as the visitors were able to turn around a 4-16 loss at home to a victory in favour of Chorley by the narrowest of margins at 11-9 vps. The match was once again played in a friendly and fun atmosphere with all the Chorley players paying compliments to how hospitable and welcoming the Wigan Club was on the night.

League Match 1

Thursday 14th September 1.00pm Kick Off: League Match Home V's Brierfield C 


Judith/Margaret; Mike/Dave R; Clive/David A; Sharman/Gordon; subs Roger/Robin...........Margaret/Clive as acting Capt

Match Report (result 5 - 15 vp's)

Considering the Briefield side fielded 1 or 2 of their 'big hitters' the final result although a good score did not reflect the tale of the full match Amazingly the Wigan team came out of the traps well gaining an 11imp lead at half time. Unfortunately they could not hold on to that lead in the second half as the Brierfield team somewhat suprised by their relatively novice opponents, were able to tap on the experience of a number of their A and B team players in their line up and were able to come back strongly in the 2nd half to eventually turn around their deficet and end the game with a 35imp win. This equates to a final result of 15-5vps in their favour. 

Next match sees the Wigan Club entertain Preston D who lost their opening match 18 - 2 vp's

League Match 2

Monday 9th Oct 7.15 - 7.30pm Kick Off: League Match Home V's Preston D

Team: Sharman/Mike S; Clive/Stu; Jim/David A; Margaret/Judy Ryding; subs Roger/Paul...............Margaret/Clive as acting Capt

Match Report 

Wigan lost by 1-19 VP's


League Match 3

Monday 23rd October 7.15 - 7.30pm Kick Off: League Match Away V's Lytham C

Proposed Team: Paul/Roger; Clive Stu; Judy R/Robin; Dave R/Ray; subs Sharman/Gordon...................Clive/Paul acting capt.

Match Report ..... Wigan lost by 1-19 Vp's

League Match 4

Friday 17th November 7.15 - 7.30pm Kick Off: League Match Home V's Poulton D

Proposed Team;

Sharmann/Gordon; Mike/Stu; Clive/Jacqui; Judy/Robin; subs Margaret/Judith P.....................Mike/Clive acting as Capt

Match Report


League Match 5

Weds 31st January kick off 7.15 - 7.30pm: League Match Away V's Preston C

Proposed Team

Margaret/Judith P; Ray/Dave R; Jim/Clive; Mike/Jacqui; subs; 


Match Report


League Match 6

Friday 2nd Feb Kick Off 7.15 - 7.30pm: League Match Home V's Lancaster D

Proposed Team

Margaret/Judith P; Mike/Jacqui; Roger/Paul; Clive/Dave R; subs Jim/Dave A..................Clive/Judith.acting as Capt

Match Report


League Match 7

Tuesday 27th Feb Kick Off 7.15 - 7.30pm (possibly be converted to a daytime match TBC): League Match Away V's Clifton C

Proposed Team

Roger/Paul; Mike/Jacqui; Sharman/Gordon; Clive/Margaret; subs Ray/Dave R...........................Clive/Margaret acting as Capt

Match Report


League Match 8

Thursday 29th March Kick Off 7.15 - 7.30pm (possible daytime start TBC): League Match Away V's Southport C

Proposed Team

Paul/Roger;Mike/Jacqui; Sharman/Gordon Clive/Robin; subs Dave R/Ray..........................Clive/Roger acting as Capt.

Match Report